Q: I am interested in a company on NEX Exchange.  How do I buy and sell shares?

A: If you want to buy shares, you have to trade through a stockbroker

There are various different types of stockbroker and the choice depends on the service you require and your budget. 

Brokers offer the following levels of service and the more “hands on” service you require tends to be the more expensive.

Execution only

If you are comfortable making your own decisions, then you can probably opt for a stockbroker offering execution only services. You decide what shares to buy and when. These brokers tend to provide online trading and are usually the cheapest


If you require advice from a stockbroker but want to make the final investment decision you should chose a provider that offers an advisory service. These firms will spend time with you understanding your risk profile and investment goals and guide you

Discretionary management

If you’re happy to give complete control to your stockbroker, you can open a discretionary account.  It is a similar service to advisory where these firms spend time with you, to understand your risk profile and investment goals, except the Stockbroker will make all of your investment decisions.

Do your research! A list of NEX Exchange Brokers and the type of services they offer can be found here 

Q: How do I locate a broker?

A: There are approximately 60 stock broking members on the NEX Exchange. Please click here to view NEX Exchange Broker members.  Click on the broker’s logo for details of services provided and contact details.

Q: How can I trade online?

A: If you prefer online trading, you will still need a trading account with a stockbroking firm which offers internet trading services. Brokers on NEX Exchange are starting to offer these services. 

Please click here to view NEX Exchange Broker members.  Click on the broker’s logo for details of services provided and contact details.

Q: How much does is cost to trade on NEX Exchange?

A: Your Stockbroker will charge you a commission for each deal you trade. It is important that you understand your fees when setting up your account.

Commission can be a percentage of the value of the trade. Cost can vary considerably from £5-£50 depending on many factors including your frequency of trading, the liquidity of the underlying shares and the level of management your order requires from your stockbroker.

Do research the stockbrokers and select the one that suits your trading habits and pocket.


Q: How can I view trades executed on NEX Exchange

A:  All trades executed or reported through NEX Exchange are published and can be viewed on the NEX Exchange Website. Many Industry Standard platforms also display NEX Exchange updates online.


Q: Why can’t I see trades immediately? What might cause any delays?

A:  NEX Exchange trades are updated and available live for industry platforms and users licenced for live NEX Exchange. NEX Exchange website operates to a 5 minute delay on trade updates. Some industry platforms distribute delayed data only, where customers can expect typically 15 minutes delay. Other reporting platforms maybe daily only.

In certain circumstances trades may be delayed for longer so that they qualify under standards established from MiFID - this is the same for all Exchanges within Europe.


Q: I have another question how do I contact NEX Exchange?

A: Click here and we will contact you as soon as possible