The Venue for Technology and Software Companies

Technology and software firms are great examples of early stage companies that are well suited to admission onto a public market.

While private equity and venture capital has been a traditional source of funding for these firms, entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to list to grow their business to scale, while retaining control over the
development of their technology. For some, in time they may choose to sell their business to a bigger competitor. Listing gives them much needed visibility and a valuation.

With the rate of technological change rapid, technology and software companies are a popular choice for those who want to invest in an innovative company with the ability to transform the industries they serve. Tech firms are known for having a higher target price and, for those that invest early, offer the potential for a good return.

NEX Group is a financial technology company at the centre of global markets and, as such, NEX Exchange has worked hard to attract an array of interesting tech firms over the years. Examples include: Coinsilium, which focuses on developing fintech and blockchain technologies, Ganapati, which gives investors exposure to three main apps, Buzz Pop, Zappi and MY LIST, Netalogue Technologies, whose technologies produce B2B e-commerce products, Crossword Cybersecurity, which commercialises pioneering research produced by British universities.

For over 20 years, National Milk Records, profiled below, has used advanced technologies to analyse milk samples, helping British farmers improve production.

Coinsilium are holding an investor evening on 20 April, so if you’d like to find out more about Coinsilium and whether to invest, tickets are available on Eventbrite and our homepage.


Patrick Birley is chief executive of NEX Exchange.