Supporting Companies in a New Range of Ways

It is sometimes easy to forget that the core purpose of a stock exchange is to provide a safe meeting place for those seeking capital (i.e. companies) with those who have available capital (i.e. investors).  At NEX Exchange we remain focused on this simple process and concentrate primarily on exciting young companies with strong growth ambitions.

In order to fulfil our purpose, we offer a sensible regulatory approach that makes the rules clear and easy to understand. These rules are there to protect investors from any unscrupulous behaviour and to ensure that information is shared openly and in good time.

Working with companies  to ensure that they understand their obligations to investors is important. Similarly, it is important that these obligations do not become overly onerous. We recognise that the management's time is best spent focused on developing their business.

Coming onto a public market can be a daunting exercise. At NEX Exchange we work with companies to make introductions to the professionals that can help the process happen quickly and effectively. Depending on the ambitions of the company, we can tailor introductions to corporate brokers, investor networks and others who will help develop the right approach to achieve your desired outcome. And the process doesn’t end when you have got onto the market – ongoing engagement with your investors is critical to ensure that you build a long term relationship that will hopefully be mutually profitable.




Dave Battle,
Managing Director of Markets