Trading Rules

Aquis Stock Exchange's (AQSE) quote-driven trading platform supports trading in securities admitted to trading on the AQSE Main Market (AQSE's Regulated Market) and AQSE Growth Market as well as listed and unlisted securities traded on AQSE Trading.

The AQSE Trading Rules contain provisions relating to:

  • The admission of securities to trading
  • The trading rules
  • Transaction records and trade reporting
  • Market operations
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Default
  • Membership rules for broker and market maker members

Please see relevant supporting documentation and guides below or contact us

AQSE Member terms & conditions Download here
AQSE Disciplinary Procedures Download here
AQSE Member Fee Schedule Download here
AQSE Trading Rules Download here
AQSE Trading Parameters Download here
AQSE Conformance Test Script Download here