NEX Exchange is a Recognised Investment Exchange under section 285 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. NEX Exchange must satisfy the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Recognition Requirements for Recognised Investment Exchanges and is responsible for maintaining neutral, well regulated and orderly markets.

This means that NEX Exchange regulates the conduct of member firms and issuers on its markets, monitors trading and market activity, and maintains rules and guidance to provide a fair and transparent venue for raising capital and trading securities.

NEX Exchange operates two primary traded markets and a single secondary traded market:

The NEX Exchange Main Board is an EU Regulated Market for officially listed securities which are regulated by the UK Listing Authority or another EU Competent Authority and are subject to the NEX Exchange Main Board Admission and Disclosure Standards (primary market).

The NEX Exchange Growth Market is a market for unlisted securities with a regulatory framework dedicated to the needs of smaller companies. It is a Multi-lateral Trading Facility (MTF) and SME Growth Market (primary market). 

The NEX Exchange Trading is a trading venue for listed or quoted securities admitted to trading on other EU markets.