Renewable Energy in Africa - NEX Exchange welcomes Clean Invest Africa to the Growth Market

Investing in the energy sector is becoming an increasingly popular investment sector.

Renewable energy is being made more competitive through technological advances, and this creates new opportunities for investors to get directly involved. Combining this with a focus on Africa, where new energy production methods present an opportunity for previously deprived communities to leap forward, and there is even greater investor appeal.

On NEX Exchange we have a number of companies involved in energy production, the newest of which is featured in today’s column.

We are also delighted to host Good Energy [NEX:GOOD], an established electricity supplier and generator in the UK. As it was already listed on AIM, Good Energy joined NEX Exchange under our streamlined fast track application process. The company supplies 100 per cent renewable electricity and green gas to households and businesses across the UK, and is a stalwart of the social impact segment of NEX.

We are also home to Karoo Energy [NEX:KEP] which is focused on shale exploration in Botswana and controls the largest land positions on Botswana for hydrocarbons. Karoo recently announced its intention to list on the Botswana Stock Exchange, a pioneer dual listing which NEX Exchange is proud to facilitate.

Recognising that other energy companies may like to seek access to capital in London, NEX Exchange accepts fast tracks applications from the Australian Securities Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Canadian Securities Exchange and AIM Italia under our accelerated admission process.

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Patrick Birley, Chief Executive at NEX Exchange