Reach Investors, Raise Capital

NEX Exchange is a UK stock market focused on helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our aim is straightforward – we want to help companies achieve sustainable growth. Whether a company’s aim is to raise new capital, obtain a live company valuation or provide shareholders with access to liquidity, NEX Exchange is the platform to help you achieve them.

Upon joining NEX Exchange, companies have the choice to offer an equity or debt product, or in some cases both. Once admitted to the market, small and medium-sized companies can attract greater interest from both institutional and retail investors.

A reason for such attraction is in part due to UK government tax incentives for investors in stocks on the NEX Exchange Growth Market. The UK government recognises the role SMEs play in our vibrant UK economy. Ultimately this means that trades executed in UK companies on NEX Exchange are exempt from UK Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Reserve Tax. Similarly, companies admitted to trading on NEX Exchange are eligible investments for the full range of unquoted company tax reliefs, including capital gains and inheritance tax. They are also eligible investments for ISAs and EIS.

At NEX Exchange, we understand and recognise the need for a personal, relationship based Exchange that works with individual company achieve its individual goals. To support these ambitions, we provide access and introductions to our extensive network of members, which include Corporate Financial Advisers, Brokers and Market Makers. For the ambitious, NEX Exchange is more than a source of capital – we are the platform for growth.