Good Energy (GOOD) continues to refocus on the small business market and services, such as electric vehicle charging. The renewable energy supplier increased revenues from continuing operations by 3% to £63.5m. The higher cost of sales was offset by lower overheads. Pre-tax profit edged up from £2.4m to £2.5m. Disposals helped to reduce net debt to £35.5m. The dividend was increased by 10% to 1.1p a share. There was a surge in feed-in tariff (FiT) customers prior to the closure of the scheme earlier this year, but domestic supply customers declined.

IFA consolidator AFH Financial (AFHP) has made two more acquisitions. Twickenham-based Mulberry Independent Financial Advisers will cost up to £5.3m, while AE Garment Independent Financial Services will cost up to £1.9m. There is an initial total cash outflow of £3.3m. Following the deals, AFH has assets under management of £5.6bn.  

World High Life (LIFE) joined NEX Exchange on 12 September. The investment company intends to acquire businesses involved in medicinal cannabis and related products, including nutraceuticals and cosmetics. There is enough cash in the company to assess acquisitions and undertake due diligence. Chairman and chief executive David Stadnyk has been involved in the cannabis sector in Canada since 2012 and he helped to develop the regulations for the sector.

Bracken Trading 1.5% preference shares (BRAC) have started trading on NEX Exchange. Bracken is involved in lending in the residential property sector and also operates two solar farms. The quotation is expected to provide finance through the placing of additional preference shares. So far £10,000 worth have been issued. Bracken has repurchased ordinary shares valued at £9m. A pre-tax profit of £1.46m was generated in 2018.

Rutherford Health (RUTH) is raising a further £12.5m at 176p a share from LF Woodford Equity Income Fund and Woodford Patient Capital Trust.

EPE Special Opportunities (ESO) increased its NAV by one-fifth to 245.5p a share, helped by a strong recovery in the share price of fully listed-Luceco (LUCE) and that business is continuing to improve its trading.

LED lighting and electrical accessories supplier Luceco increased interim revenues by 10% to £82.7m and gross margin improved from 26% to 35%. That enabled Luceco to return to profit in the period. Underlying pre-tax profit was £6.1m. An interim dividend of 0.6p a share was announced and the dividend payout percentage will be raised from 20% to 25%. There have been manufacturing efficiency improvements in China and UK retail demand has rebounded. The main profit improvement was in the wiring accessories division, but both LED lighting and portable power divisions returned to profit. There has been director share buying following the results.

Kyler Hardy has been appointed as chief executive of Imperial X (IMPP) and Emma Priestley and Kyle Hookey have also joined the board. Hardy has a 12.5% stake and Priestley owns 5.4%. Palace Trading Investments has sold 4,615,000 shares at 2p each, leaving it with 685,000 shares.

Equatorial Mining and Exploration (EM.P) has raised £500,000 at 0.01p a share, which includes £95,000 of shares to pay creditors. Director Michael Staten has converted £82,500 of convertible debt into shares. He subsequently sold 550 million shares at the 0.1p conversion price.

Vi Mining (VIM) says Jilde Zeitlin has stepped down as chairman and he will be replaced as non-executive chairman by David Summer. Allan Rowley will take over as chief executive from Summer and he will remain finance director.


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