NEX Exchange Market Notice

NEX Exchange Market Notice

ISO10383 Market Identification Codes (MIC)

Please note that SWIFT, the maintenance agency for ISO10383 - Market Identification Code (MIC), have removed ISDX (ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange) as a MIC code and replaced it with NEXX.


As a result of this change all active Securities with a MIC of ISDX will be changed to NEXX with effect from Friday 23rd June 2017.

All member firms and participants should ensure that from that date they use NEXX in trade and transaction reporting instead of ISDX, and as the Trade System of Origin MIC.


Please be further advised that six segment MICs have been reserved in preparation for MiFID implementation on 3 January 2018 which are also included in the SWIFT Release of June 12th. These Segment MICs are NOT in use prior to the implementation of MiFID 2.


Members and interested parties are advised to note the removal of the ISDX MIC and ensure that they check their change of use of the IADX MIC to NEXX MIC to ensure seamless reporting of transactions to their regulator and within matching and settlement functions.


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