NEX Exchange: Development & Grow Stories in a Broad Range of Sectors

The midpoint of the year is a good opportunity to review the progress of some of the NEX Exchange companies we have featured so far.

St Marks Homes [NEX:SMAP], a residential-led housebuilder in the South East, announced a dividend last week for the fourth year running, which represents a 10 per cent increase on last year’s. Since 2012, the current dividend equates to 5.5 per cent of today’s mid-market price, reflecting the company’s strong growth.

Also in the property sector, Ace Liberty & Stone [NEX:ALSP], which maintains a portfolio in commercial and residential property development and trading, announced it will pay an interim dividend on 14 July for the fourth consecutive year. Increasing from 2.4 per cent to 4.0 per cent they have demonstrated a consistently robust growth story.

Walls and Futures REIT [NEX:WAFR] completed its first investment in the Supported Housing Sector since its feature in February. The company is holding an investor event at NEX Exchange on 26 July. Register at

In mineral resources, Block Energy [NEX:BLOK] has acquired a 75 per cent working interest in a Georgian permit and experienced a 55 per cent increase in share price since being featured in May. It is now raising money through equity and a convertible loan note for a competent persons report.

In fintech, cryptocurrency-focused Kryptonite 1 [NEX:KR1] has continued to pioneer Initial Coin Offerings investments this month and its share price has increased 27 per cent since May.

Also in the blockchain space, Coinsilium Group [NEX:COIN] is able to bring us an update of the progress it has recently made, below.



Patrick Birley is chief executive of NEX Exchange.
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