Coinsilium Group Investor Evening - Blockchain Investment Showcase #COIN

It’s now approaching 10 years since the publication of the Bitcoin White Paper from which the earliest application of Blockchain Technology was launched onto an unsuspecting world. And we are also coming up to 3 years since Coinsilium joined NEX as the world's first IPO of a Blockchain Technology company.

At the time of Coinsilium's IPO, Bitcoin was trading at under US$300 and Ethereum was little more than a pipe-dream! So much has changed since then; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have gone mainstream and investors are now really starting to get the vision and appreciation of the sheer scale of the opportunity these new technologies are bringing in their wake. 

Coinsilium swings into first half profit!

At the end of September Coinsilium Group released its interim results for the six months to June 2018, showing a profit of £554k and revenues of £1.33m, as the Company continues to deliver on its vison to offer retail investors exposure to a diverse range of high quality opportunities in the fast growing blockchain technology sector. You can read Coinsilium's interim results here and view a short interview with Coinsilium's Chairman Malcolm Palle here 

As we head into an exceptionally busy final quarter of 2018, Coinsilium is delighted to invite its shareholders and investors to a special showcase event and panel session featuring a selection of its portfolio investee companies as well as its advisory clients.

We will also be facilitating a panel session entitled "Demystifying the Global Token Economy" which is designed to provide investors with some insight into exactly what's going on the burgeoning global Token Economy. and why the team at Coinsilium are so excited about what the future holds for the Company and shareholders  in this fast moving industry. We hope you can make it! 

This event is designed specifically for Coinsilium shareholders and Investors looking for an accessible entry point and a real understanding of Blockchain Technologies, their game-changing applications and a clear perspective of the investment landscape. 

Places are strictly limited - Investors will be Prioritised  - be sure to register now!

When: Wednesday 7th November, 17.30 to 20.30
Where: NEX Exchange, 2 Broadgate, London EC2M 7UR

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