MAY 2019

Block Commodities (BLCC) is calling a general meeting to enable shareholders to decide whether the company should become involved in the medicinal cannabis sector.

Ananda Developments (ANA) owns 15% of LHT, the owner of hapac medicinal cannabis inhaling technology. The hapac products are being sold in Italy and the product range is being widened. Other investments are being assessed.

Anne Yerburgh has been replaced as chairman of Daniel Thwaites (THW) by chief executive Richard Bailey, although she remains as a non-executive director in order to represent family shareholders. A replacement is being sought for former non-executive director Nick Mackenzie.

Queros Capital Partners (BFD) has raised £305,000 from the issue of 8% unsecured bonds 2025. This will be used to provide bridging finance to UK businesses.

Angelfish Investments (ANGP) is subscribing £150,000 for a 9.14% stake in Just Bee Drinks and is also providing a loan facility of up to £100,000 at a annual interest charge of 10%. Just Bee has developed a natural juicy water drink sweetened with honey. This means that there is no added sugar. More than one million bottles were sold last year, and revenues doubled. The drink is already sold in Waitrose and Boots. Just Bee had net assets of £83,000 at the end of March 2018. Angelfish has also provided a £100,000 debt facility at the same interest rate to Wallet Ads. The previous loan of £150,000 was converted into a 20% stake.

SG Recruitment (SGRL) says that trading in the six months to December 2018 trading was in line with expectations and the previous six months period. There was cash of £31,000 and loans of £126,000 from holding company, Gulf Healthcare Holdings Ltd. A further £1.2m can be borrowed from Gulf.

European Lithium (EUR) is making progress with its definitive feasibility study for the Wolfsberg lithium project in Austria. The plan is to produce lithium chemical for batteries. A test programme has been completed and this is designed to improve grades and the amount of lithium-bearing mineral. Laser sorting was found to be the best method.



Bruce Pubs plc (PUB) is a recently-formed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Bruce Group Scotland Limited (“Bruce Group”). Bruce Group is a holding company, established in 2002, that owns and/or operates bars in Scotland on a tenanted or managed basis. In order to further expand the Bruce Group’s activities, its directors established Bruce Pubs, which aims to issue up to £20 million of Bonds to investors by way of a bond programme.



Dozens Savings plc (DSO1) offers a fixed income financial investment product, namely, 5% secured bonds, to customers of its corporate parent, Project Imagine Ltd. Project Imagine aims to create an improved, second-generation financial management alternative from scratch—disrupting banking and money problems via a solution that enables users to pursue a simple and equitable financial future.

NEX Group
  Top 5 Traded by Value
  Security Name Ticker Trades Value (GBP) Volume  
  High Growth Capital plc HASH 665 8,745,002 810,194,074  
  Sativa Investments plc SATI 438 1,649,898 21,497,947  
  Shepherd Neame SHEP 84 1,513,790 150,371  
  Chapel Down Group plc CDGP 90 368,365 425,731  
  Cadence Minerals plc KDNC 228 340,367 232,838,676  
NEX Group
  NEX Exchange Market Overview
  Market Monthly Volumes (trades) Month on Month Change Value Month on Month Value Change Most Active Security  
  Primary 2,117 (1,070) 15,012,223 3,169,816 High Growth Capital plc - 665  
  Secondary 56,933 6,091 372,227,708 69,166,814 Sirius Minerals Plc - 8,536  
NEX Group
NEX Group
  Forthcoming Announcements
  Issuer Event Date  
  High Growth Capital plc Annual General Meeting 15/05/19  
  Adnams plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Gamfook Jewellery Plc Year End Date 31/05/19  
  Ecovista plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Sport Capital Group plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Mears Group plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Sativa Investments plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Early Equity plc Interim Results 31/05/19  
  Chapel Down Group plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Primorus Investments plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Wheelsure Holdings plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Cadence Minerals plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Formation Group plc Interim Results 31/05/19  
  All Star Minerals Final Results 31/05/19  
  Coinsilium Group Limited Final Results 31/05/19  
  MiLOC Group plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Indigo Holdings plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Angelfish Investments plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  London Capital Group Holdings plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Gowin New Energy Group Limited Final Results 31/05/19  
  Globe Capital Limited Final Results 31/05/19  
  NQ Minerals plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  AfriAg Global Plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  St Mark Homes plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Forbes Ventures Final Results 31/05/19  
  Black Sea Porperty plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  KR1 plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Secured Property Developments plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Panther Metals plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  DagangHalal plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  China CDM Exchange Centre plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Wishbone Gold plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  The Barkby Group plc Year End Date 31/05/19  
  Startup Giants plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Eight Capital Partners plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  Veni Vidi Vici Ltd Final Results 31/05/19  
  Ananda Developments plc Final Results 31/05/19  
  TechFinancials, Inc. Final Results 31/05/19  
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As well as financial institutions and large corporates, entrepreneurs use NEX to manage their biggest financial challenges. Whether choosing to offer equity or debt products, once admitted onto our stock exchange, small and medium-sized companies have easier access to investors.

Admission is simple and we fully support the transition to a public market environment. For the small and the ambitious, NEX Exchange is more than a source of capital – we are the platform for growth. And for investors, we offer simple access to a diverse range of dynamic companies. 

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