MARCH 2019

Ace Liberty and Stone (ALSP) has spent £6.17m on two properties that are both let to the Communities and Local Government department, as Jobcentre Plus centres, on leases with an unexpired term of 8.4 years. The property in Bolton cost £2.54m and has a net initial yield of 7%. The Northampton site cost £3.63m and has a net initial yield of 6.75%.

Inqo Investments Ltd (INQO) has raised £1m at 90p a share and the cash will be used to invest in healthcare, education and eco-tourism businesses in Africa that are two-to-three years from profitability and have a positive social impact.

Tectonic Gold (TTAU) has taken a 50% stake in a joint venture with Vast Mineral Sands covering diamond mining concessions at the government-owned Alexkor diamond mine in South Africa. This should generate cash, through planned production of 900 carat per month, to invest in other projects. Tectonic is paying $650,000 in shares at 2.2p each. A year long research study has confirmed that there is an interaction of two styles of mineralisation at Mount Cassidy prospect in Queensland, Australia. There is stratabound copper and zinc, gold and silver mineralisation and epizonal to epithermal gold and silver mineralisation.

First Sentinel (FSEN) has completed a £4m bond issue. These 7.0% Secured Bonds due 28 February 2023 are now trading on NEX Exchange.

Panther Metals (PALM) has announced the initial results of exploration activity at the Bear Lake project in Ontario. There was gold in soil anomalies at four of the five areas tested. Four areas have quartz vein sample assays above 5g/t gold. Two samples had large grade samples. The next phase of exploration is being planned and could start in the second quarter of 2019.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) increased its NAV from 42.69p a share to 43.35p a share in the year to August 2018. The strategic focus is to make larger investments in bigger employee-owned businesses. There was £175,000 in the bank at the end of August 2018, so there appear to be limited funds available for further investments, although there are £1.3m of loans to investee companies.

Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne (HYDP) increased its full year profit from £127,000 to £153,000 on turnover 4% higher at £3.66m. There is £1.09m in the bank at the end of October 2018. The dividend was maintained at 21p a share, which is covered 1.2 times by earnings. The strategy is to encourage more direct bookings with the hotel and an online booking system was launched last September. The completion of refurbishment activities has enabled an increase in bookings for weddings. Bedroom refurbishments continue.


Proton Partners International (PPI) joined NEX on 28 February and from day one it became one of the largest companies on the market. The introduction price was 225p, valuing the proton beam therapy provider at £334m, and the share price ended the week at 2275p (210p/245p). Woodford-related interests own 41.9% of Proton (www.proton-int.com) and they invested £20m at 200p a share on admission and promised to invest up to £80m at a maximum price of 176p each. Woodford received a further £1m worth of shares at 200p each in consideration for these arrangements. Proton is four years old and it has completed three centres offering proton beam therapy for cancer patients with another planned in Liverpool. Each cancer centre has cost between £35m and £42m. There is also a cancer diagnostics subsidiary. In the eleven months to January 2019, revenues were £1.11m and the loss was £18.6m.


Trading in Dozen Savings (DS01) 5% secured bonds March 2020 commenced on 1 March. So far £91,000 worth have been issued. The plan is to raise up to £7m. The company has been created to offer the bonds to customers of its financial services-focused parent company, Project Imagine (www.projectimagine.com). The bonds cost £100 each and the price at the end of the first day of trading was £107.50 (£90/£125). The FCA has granted Project Imagine an e-money licence and an investment licence.

NEX Group
  Top 5 Traded by Value
  Security Name Ticker Trades Value (GBP) Volume  
  High Growth Capital plc HASH 236 2,092,568 237,013,867  
  Shepherd Neame SHEP 67 1,120,357 105,268  
  Daniel Thwaites PLC THW 14 279,462 206,049  
  Chapel Down Group plc CDGP 57 241,539 280,345  
  Sativa Investments plc SATI 157 241,386 4,788,474  
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  NEX Exchange Market Overview
  Market Monthly Volumes (trades) Month on Month Change Value Month on Month Value Change Most Active Security  
  Primary 1,282 (69) 6,558,548 (12,910,760) High Growth Capital plc - 205  
  Secondary 51,981 (6,086) 303,061,118 (36,493,175) LIONSGOLD LIMITED - 4,894  
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NEX Group
  Forthcoming Announcements
  Issuer Event Date  
  Karoo Energy plc Annual General Meeting 18/03/2019  
  Gowin New Energy Group Limited Annual General Meeting 19/03/2019  
  Hydro Hotel Eastbourne plc Annual General Meeting 28/03/2019  
  Altona Energy plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  European Lithium Ltd Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Netalogue Technologies plc Year End Date 31/03/2019  
  Churchill Mining plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  The Barkby Group plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Western Selection plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  National Milk Records plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Shepherd Neame Ltd Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  IMC Exploration Group plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Imperial X plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Dana Group International Investments Limited Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Block Commodities Ltd Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Welney plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Tectonic Gold plc Interim Results 31/03/2019  
  Lombard Capital plc Year End Date 31/03/2019  
  Hot Rocks Investments plc Year End Date 31/03/2019  
  Etaireia Investments plc Year End Date 31/03/2019  
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