MARCH 2018

Upcoming Events at NEX Exchange:

Master Investor Show - 17th March 2018

Each year in spring, around 5,000 private investors gather in London to learn from expert speakers, talk directly to CEOs and hear from the UK's leading entrepreneurs, investors and fund managers speak about future trends. Master Investor is now the UK's leading, must-attend event for private investors. 

Whether you're a private investor, CEO or entrepreneur please come and visit the NEX Exchange team at our stand. Master Investor is now the UK's leading, must-attend event for private investors.

IR Magazine Conference - 12th April 2018

The IR magazine are running a conference for Small Cap board members and IROs, focussing on IR best practice for small and micro caps in the light of new regulations and shareholder communications. The conference is followed by networking drinks and a short awards ceremony recognising those leading the way in IR excellence within the small cap community. NEX Exchange clients are eligible for a discounted rate. 


Milamber Ventures (MLVP) has acquired educational consultancy Vocamedia for up to £165,000, with £60,000 dependent on performance in 2018-19.

Inqo Investments Ltd (INQO) has announced plans to raise a further £2.5m via placings at 90p a share. The first tranche of $1.25m has been raised and this will be used to invest in opportunities in the healthcare, education and eco tourism sectors in Africa. The focus is businesses that are two-to-three years from profit and have a positive social impact. The second tranche of £1.25m should be raised in one year.

Walls and Futures REIT (WAFR) has launched a one-for-four open offer to raise up to £1.05m at 94p a share. The cash will provide further scope for investment in supported housing projects. Walls and Futures REIT has joined the MSCI IPD UK Residential Property Index.

National Milk Records (NMRP) increased its interim revenues from £9.4m to £10.5m and pre-tax profit more than doubled from £442,000 to £957,000. The recovery in the milk price has helped the improved performance although there has been a subsequent dip in the milk price in the past couple of months. The longer-term outlook is positive. Increased testing for Johne’s disease has also helped. Net debt was reduced to £3.3m.

Crossword Cybersecurity (CCS) says that its revenues more than doubled to more than £700,000 in 2017. There is customer interest in the Rizikon cyber security product and the General Data Protection Regulations will provide momentum when they come into force in May. Full year figures should be published by the end of April.

KR1 PLC (KR1) has invested $443,000 in 4.72 million tokens in the Bluzelle project. Bluzelle is a scalable database service for decentralised applications. A further €167,000 has been invested in 2.2 million Rock tokens for the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) platform. Kryptonite 1 will become a sponsor for token-based projects listing on the GBX. Kryptonite 1 has also invested $174,000 in 12,800 tokens in the Elastos project, which is developing a virtual, digital smart economic zone.

First Sentinel (FSEN) is planning to raise up to £4m from a bond issue. The secured bonds have a 7% coupon and are repayable at a 5% premium on 28 February 2023. These bonds will be traded on NEX. The investment is partly protected by a credit insurance policy provided by Equinox Global. The cash will be invested in Perennial Enterprise, which will use it to fund its invoice discounting business.

Blockchain technology investor Coinsilium Group Ltd(COIN) is advising Tutellus Technologies on its upcoming token generation event. Tutellus matches students with teachers in the Spanish-speaking world. The Tutellus token will be used as a medium of exchange for the new blockchain-based platform. Richard Lloyd has been appointed as adviser to Coinsilium’s Gibraltar-based subsidiary TerraStream, which is developing a token offering platform. TerraStream intends to raise cash via a token offer but it is waiting for a more specific set of regulations from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission that should be published in the second quarter.


VI Mining PLC (VIM) is an emerging gold and silver producer in Peru focused on the operation and development of quality gold mining assets and tolling businesses in the mineral-rich regions of northern, central & southern Peru, close to other established global mining companies. VI is acquiring two gold and silver projects in Peru and owns two toll processing plants.


Wishbone Gold Plc (WSBN) is a gold trading business operating out of Dubai and is also pursuing a strategy of supplying equipment and expertise to artisanal miners in Central America and Africa in exchange for gold supply contracts. The Company also holds four exploration licenses in North East Queensland, Australia, in an area covering over 34,000 acres known for significant precious metal mineralisation. Wishbone Gold believe this dual exposure to the gold market, from exploration to trading, provides a unique investment proposition in the small cap arena. The Board has a wealth of experience in numerous sectors including technology, healthcare and retail, in addition to natural resource companies, where they have successfully executed strategies for growth by acquisition.



PCG Entertainment Plc (PCGE) is a trading and media distribution company which develops and capitalises on media and other technology opportunities in China and across the Asia-Pacific region.

NEX Group
  Top 5 Traded by Value
  Security Name Ticker Trades Value (GBP) Volume  
  Coinsilium Group Limited COIN 238 905,842 9,266,254  
  Kryptonite 1 Plc KR1 177 630,726 5,727,297  
  Shepherd Neame SHEP 99 2,059,501 182,710  
  Capital for Colleagues plc CFCP 4 521,573 1,214,840  
  Doriemus PLC DOR 218 371,914 6,012,148  
NEX Group
  NEX Exchange Market Overview
  Market Monthly Volumes (trades) Month on Month Change Value Month on Month Value Change Most Active Security  
  Primary 1,587 (889) 5,800,318 (8,039,947) Coinsilium Group plc - 238  
  Secondary 56,077 (14,293) 237,864,535 (46,193,372) Sirius Minerals Plc - 3,062  
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NEX Group
  Forthcoming Announcements
  Issuer Event Date  
  Gowin New Energy Group Limited Annual General Meeting 09/03/18  
  London Capital Group Holdings PLC Annual General Meeting 21/03/18  
  DHAIS plc Interim Results 30/03/18  
  IMC Exploration Group plc Interim Results 30/03/18  
  Block Commodities Ltd Interim Results 31/03/18  
  Welney plc Interim Results 31/03/18  
  National Milk Records plc Interim Results 31/03/18  
  Shepherd Neame Ltd Interim Results 31/03/18  
  Dana Group International Investments Limited Interim Results 31/03/18  
  Daniel Thwaites PLC Year End Date 31/03/18  
  Imperial Minerals Plc Interim Results 31/03/18  
  Churchill Mining Plc Interim Results 31/03/18  
  AFH Financial Group plc Final Results 31/03/18  
  Etaireia Investments plc Year End Date 31/03/18  
  Western Selection PLC Interim Results 31/03/18  
  Netalogue Technologies plc Year End Date 31/03/18  
  Hydro Hotel Eastbourne plc Final Results 31/03/18  
  Hot Rocks Investments plc Year End Date 31/03/18  
  Lombard Capital plc Year End Date 31/03/18  
  PCG Entertainment Plc Year End Date 31/03/18  
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