APRIL 2019

Forbes Ventures (FOR) sold its stake in KCR Residential REIT (KCR) last year. NAV fell from £401,000 to £45,000 at the end of 2018. Forbes still owns a stake in challenger bank Allica Ltd, which was formerly known as Civilised Bank. The focus is investment in technology that improves the efficiency of finance, property and legal businesses.

Ananda Developments (ANA) says that its investee company iCAN Israel Cannabis has raised C$4m from a convertible loan note issue at a premium to Ananda’s investment.

Sativa Investments (SATI) has entered into a research agreement with King’s College London on the impact of cannabinoids on inflammation and respiratory diseases. Sativa will supply specific strains of cannabis.

Brewer Adnams (ADB) increased its revenues last year, but it reported a loss. Beer volumes grew by 2.2% and revenues were 6% ahead at £78.9m. The loss of £877,000 was after £1.77m of pension and property impairment costs. The final dividend is unchanged at 150p per B share. Adnams is optimistic about the proposed government review into small breweries relief – if Adnams paid the same duty rates as small brewers it would save £7m a year.

Walls and Futures REIT (WAFR) outperformed the MSCI UK Residential Property index last year, because it achieved 8.75% growth, compared with 5.2% for the index.

Good Energy (GOOD) increased full year revenues from continuing operations from £104.5m to £116.9m, helped by last winter’s cold weather and a price increase, and pre-tax profit recovered from £700,000 to £1.7m. The renewable electricity supplier and generator has increased its dividend from 3.3p a share to 3.5p a share. Net debt was £40.1m at the end of 2018. Energy supply volumes increased by 3%, but domestic volumes were 1.2% lower in an increasingly competitive market. The growth came in the business side, which increased volumes by 23%. Good Energy generates energy from six solar sites and two wind farms. The company expects to continue to grow business volumes and invest in digital technology. Non-executive director Nemone Wynn-Evans has bought 9,500 shares at 105p each.

NQ Minerals (NQMI) nearly doubled zinc concentrate production at the Hellyer mine in Tasmania to 3,015 DMT in the first quarter of 2019, while lead concentrate production increased by 18% to 4,712 DMT. Pyrite concentrate production jumped by 331% to 18,488 DMT.

SG Recruitment (SGRL) says that trading in the six months to December 2018 trading was in line with expectations and the previous six months period. There was cash of £31,000 and loans of £126,000 from holding company, Gulf Healthcare Holdings Ltd. A further £1.2m can be borrowed from Gulf.


Ashley House plc (ASH) is a leading Extra Care Housing and Health Property Partner working with providers and commissioners in the public, private and community sectors. The Company has 25 years of experience in providing innovative approaches in the resourcing, funding, design and development of flexible and efficient social and community health, care and supported living environments.


National Milk Records (NMRP) was incorporated in 1997 having formerly been part of the Milk Marketing Board. The main business of the company involves the collection of milk samples from dairy cows, the recording of data regarding the animals such as milk yields, calving, and dry periods, laboratory analysis focusing on fat content, protein and somatic cell count, and the provision of information to the farmer about the individual animal and the herd. This information is used to assist the farmer in improving the efficiency of milk production.


KR1 Plc (KR1) is an investment vehicle which will pursue investments in new technology opportunities, particularly in the blockchain sector. The Directors will seek investments for the Company, which they believe will generate material value for shareholders.

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  Top 5 Traded by Value
  Security Name Ticker Trades Value (GBP) Volume  
  Sativa Investments plc SATI 1,030 3,313,874 51,008,464  
  Cadence Minerals plc KDNC 1,109 1,825,136 735,490,609  
  Shepherd Neame SHEP 100 1,266,641 119,886  
  High Growth Capital plc HASH 147 923,873 157,735,143  
  NQ Minerals plc NQMI 62 321,053 6,577,407  
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  NEX Exchange Market Overview
  Market Monthly Volumes (trades) Month on Month Change Value Month on Month Value Change Most Active Security  
  Primary 3,187 1,905 11,842,407 5,283,859 Cadence Minerals - 1,109  
  Secondary 50,842 (1,139) 303,061,118 91,421,678 Sirius Minerals Plc - 2,932  
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NEX Group
  Forthcoming Announcements
  Issuer Event Date  
  Valiant Investments plc Final Results 30/04/2019  
  Gunsynd plc Interim Results 30/04/2019  
  WBA Group plc Year End Date 30/04/2019  
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