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Market Notice - SME Growth Market Status & Rule Consultation (Market Message)

NEX Exchange is pleased to announce that the NEX Exchange Growth Market has been designated as an "SME Growth Market". The SME Growth Market designation is a new market category introduced as part of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (2014/65/EU). NEX Exchange has today launched a market consultation in relation to proposed changes to the Growth Market Rules for Issuers to reflect the new requirements to which the Growth Market will now be subject as a designated SME Growth Market. A notice of the consultation together with a marked up copy of the Rules for Issuers is available on our website at Issuers and corporate advisers are encouraged to review this notice together with the full text of the proposed changes, and to provide any feedback at the earliest opportunity, and in any event by close of business on 8 January 2019. We also welcome feedback from other market participants and interested parties. Feedback may be submitted by email to We hope to confirm the outcome of the consultation by 22 January 2019. The Regulation Department NEX Exchange 2 Broadgate London EC2M 7UR Tel: 020 7818 9767 Fax: 020 7000 5841 Email: Website: