Why float on NEX Exchange?

“At NEX Exchange our aim is straightforward – we want to help your company grow.
If your aim is to sustain a live valuation, attract new capital, or offer shareholders with access to liquidity, NEX Exchange is a cost-effective platform to achieve these aims.

Whether choosing to offer equity or debt products, once admitted onto our stock exchange, small and medium-sized companies have easier access to Institutional and retail investors.

We understand and recognise the need for a personal and relationship-based Exchange to help you achieve your financial goals. To support these ambitions, we offer you access to our extensive network of members, which include Corporate Financial Advisers, Brokers and Market Makers.

For the small and the ambitious, NEX Exchange is more than a source of capital – we are the platform for growth.”

Why Choose NEX Exchange

Access to Capital

We can provide you with access and introductions to our broad network of market participants, some of which include:

  • Corporate Financial Advisers
  • Brokers
  • Market Makers
  • Investors


Cost Effective

Competitive admission costs, up to 75% less than our competitors, allowing you to invest your capital more effectively.



Due to our efficient trading venues and broad range of Broker and Market Makers, we are able to offer our investors with effective trade execution. Our investors are able to access information regarding your company and shares through our partnerships with leading financial data providers.


Receive a clear market valuation and share price to attract new investors and capital. Leading financial data providers to ensure your company’s data is continually updated, but most importantly, is also visible to investors.


Investment through Private Equity or Venture Capital will involve selling large amounts of equity which can lead to loss of control of your company and board structure. 

At NEX Exchange, you are in complete control. You have the flexibility of how many shares you wish the public to hold, this can be as low as just 10%.

Which Market is Right for Me?

NEX ExchangeGrowth Market

The NEX Exchange Growth Market helps dynamic, small and mid-cap companies from all industry sectors to achieve their ambitions. It is a proven source of equity and debt finance for companies coming to a public market for the first time, as well as being an established venue for existing issuers to raise further funds. It provides wide exposure for companies within a marketplace dedicated to growth.


NEX ExchangeMain Board

The NEX Exchange Main Board is an EU Regulated Market serving the needs of companies and other issuers seeking cost-effective admission to trading through the UKLA’s Official List, or other European Competent Authority.


Dual List / Fast Track

Companies already listed on an overseas stock exchange which are Qualifying Markets are able to use the fast-track admissions procedure. Companies already admitted to the Alternative Investment Market, AIM Italia, ASX, Canadian Securities Exchange, Bӧrse München and the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange are eligible to use our accelerated admissions process to join the NEX Exchange Growth Market. Under the fast-tracking admission process, there is no need to publish an Admission Document. Fast track applicants are merely required to appoint a NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser, be in compliance with the rules of the Qualifying Market they are on and meet NEX Exchange’s eligibility criteria and relevant admission rules (for further details see Rule 17 of the NEX Exchange Growth Market - Rules for Issuers).

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