NEX Exchange Growth Market

The  NEX Exchange Growth Market is our stock market for earlier stage entrepreneurial companies with an environment specially designed to meet their needs.

The admission process is simple and transparent, and the team at NEX Exchange is here to help at every stage.

All companies wishing to apply to join the stock market must first appoint a NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser whose role is to determine their suitability for market and to manage the application process. Following admission, the Corporate Adviser must be retained at all times and is responsible for helping companies comply with NEX Exchange's Continuing Obligations.

How to Join

  • Meet with our team to discuss your
    business and understand how we can
    help you to meet your objectives.
  • The Corporate Advisor will assist in
    producing the Admission document
    and work coherently with our
    Regulation team to meet our
    regulatory standards.

  • If you wish, we can introduce you to
    a Corporate Advisor to begin the
    Admission process.
  • Once the Admission document has
    been approved, your document will be
    published 10 days before your
    quotation on our growth market.

  • Once you have appointed a NEX
    Exchange Corporate Advisor, they will
    work closely with you and other
    associated partners such as Lawyers
    and Accountants to ensure the
    Admission process is straightforward.
  • Upon the day of your IPO, we welcome
    you to celebrate with us on this
    prestigious day for you and your


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Admission fee calculator

Application Fee:

Admission Fee:

+£50M - An additional £1000 per £10M will be charged upto a maximum fee of £50,000
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