Fast Track Admission

Under the fast-tracking admission process, there is no need to publish an Admission Document.

Fast track applicants are simply required to:
• appoint an approved Corporate Adviser;
• comply with and not be in breach of the admission and continuing obligations of the relevant Qualifying Market; and
• satisfy AQSE’s eligibility criteria and relevant admission rules (for further details see Rule 17 of the AQSE Growth Market - Rules for Issuers).

A fast-track applicant that has been admitted to trading on the Qualifying Market for less than 18 months should ensure that its directors (and their connected persons) do not dispose of an interest in its securities for a period of 12 months following admission.

Which ‘Qualifying Markets’ is Fast-tracking available for?
• AIM market operated by the London Stock Exchange Plc
• AIM Italia operated by Borsa Italiana
• ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) operated by ASX Limited
• Börse München operated by Bayerische Börse AG
• CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange) operated by CNSX Markets Inc
• London Stock Exchange (Main Market) operated by the London Stock Exchange Plc*
• TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) operated by TMX Group Limited
• NASDAQ Capital Market, NASDAQ Global Market and NASDAQ Global Select Market operated by NASDAQ US.

* However it is not possible to dual-list the same class of securities on both the AQSE Growth Market and the Main Market, nor retain the listing of such security on the Official List maintained by the FCA.
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