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DJ Sport Capital Group Plc Acquisition; Capital-Raising Programme

                           ("SCG" or the "Company") 
      SCG acquires its first soccer club, Palermo Football Club S. P. A; 
          announces intention to raise additional investment capital 
 Acquisition of Sport Capital Group Holding Ltd, the holding company of Sports 
Capital Group Investments Ltd. and of  Palermo Football Club S.p.A., which own 
US Città di Palermo S.p.A and Mepal Srl (IP and stadium project), for a nominal 
              sum;  intended investment capital raising programme 
SCG is pleased to announce its acquisition of Sport Capital Group Holdings 
Limited ("SCGH"), the parent company of Sports Capital Group Investments Ltd. 
("SCGI"), sole owner of Italian football club, U.S. Città di Palermo, in 
Palermo, Sicily, and of Mepal Srl ("Mepal"), the club's intellectual property 
and stadium project. 
About Palermo Football Club S.p.A ("PFC" or "Palermo") 
PFC is an Italian football club in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, presently 
playing in Serie B of the Italian Football League. Formed in 1900 as 
Anglo-Palermitan Athletic and Football Club, PFC is the top-ranked football 
club on the island of Sicily. 
  * Palermo currently stands at the top of Serie B (five points clear) and was 
    the clear leader at the end of the first half of the season 
  * It counts 41 Players in the League Squad in addition to a youth academy, an 
    under 18 team , five younger teams and one female team 
  * Through Mepal, PFC, owns the rights to build a new stadium 
  * Revenue: 2016/17 EUR79.4m in Serie A; 2017/18 EUR43.9m in Serie B 
  * Total Assets: 2016/17 EUR126.6m in Serie A; 2017/18 EUR91.6m in Serie B 
  * Under-managed business aspects such as minimal sponsorship, under-developed 
    stadium and match day revenues leave significant scope for improvement of 
    supporter experience and for value creation 
  * Significant revenue and value increase should occur if Palermo wins 
    promotion to Serie A 
About Sport Capital Group Holdings Ltd 
SCGH is a private company incorporated in England and Wales for the purposes of 
purchasing the structure of companies which own PFC. It was established as a 
special purpose vehicle ("SPV") and does not presently conduct a trade or hold 
other assets. 
The structure includes GBP15,000,000 (fifteen million Sterling) of indebtedness 
in the form of loan notes (the "Loan Notes") secured against 100% of the share 
capital of SCGI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCGH. 
If Palermo achieves promotion to Serie A (the highest Italian league) in the 
current or following seasons, a conditional earn-out payment shall become 
payable by SCGI's subsidiary company, PFC, to the holders of the Loan Notes. 
Promotion should add significantly to PFC's value, an assumption based inter 
alia on the historic financial results when Palermo previously played in Serie 
The Company announces that, to support an accelerated investment drive, it 
intends through a bond issuance programme of Euro- and Sterling-denominated 
fixed income securities to appoint Epsion Capital Limited ("Epsion") as Lead 
Arranger to raise up to GBP10,000,000 (ten million Sterling-worth) of additional 
investment capital.  The bonds' duration will be five years with a coupon of 6% 
p.a. and they will be issued in tranches, based on investor demand, over the 
course of 2019.  The Company intends to make an application for admission of 
the bonds issued under the financing programme to trading on the NEX Exchange 
Growth Market or another appropriate forum of quotation in the UK or 
Continental Europe. The Company will make further announcements on its 
financing programme as and when required. 
This announcement includes inside information as defined in Article 7 of the 
Market Abuse Regulation No. 596/2014 ("MAR") and is disclosed in accordance 
with the Company's obligations under Article 17 of MAR. 
John Treacy, a director of the Company and of Eight Capital Partners plc 
("ECP"), the NEX Exchange-quoted investment vehicle which holds 22.78 per cent 
of SCG, is the sole shareholder of SCGH, although Mr. Treacy is receiving no 
benefit as a result of the sale of SCGH to the Company. Mr. Treacy is also the 
sole owner of Epsion, which company is intended to be paid a fee by the Company 
for placing the 2024 bonds described above. 
Dominic White, a director of ECP, is also a director and significant 
shareholder of an SPV which holds the Loan Notes and consequently stands to 
benefit from the conditional earn-out arrangement described above, which may 
become payable by PFC to the creditor SPV. For these reasons each of Mr. Treacy 
and Mr. White is a related party in the acquisition by SCG of SCGH and, through 
it, of Palermo. 
The acquisition of Sport Capital Group Holdings Limited by the Company is thus, 
and the proposed contract under which Epsion shall place the 2024 bonds on 
behalf of the Company will be, related party transactions. 
Sport Capital Group plc, 
Simon Grant-Rennick, Chairman 
17th January 2019 
This announcement has been made after due and careful enquiry. The Directors of 
Sport Capital Group plc accept responsibility for its content. 
Sport Capital Group plc: Simon Grant-Rennick 
Mob: +44 797 325 3124 
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                               Notes for Editors 
About Sport Capital Group plc 
Sport Capital Group invests in companies in the global sports and leisure 
sectors. In particular the focus is on football, associated real estate, 
stadium assets, merchandising and IP. 
SCG's strategy is to invest in a portfolio of at least six football clubs, 
their IP and real estate, focusing on opportunities in Europe including the 
United Kingdom. The Company will bring professional on- and off-pitch football 
management, business and corporate finance capabilities to bear on 
under-managed clubs, of which there are many. The team will consist of 
professionals from football, business and the capital markets. 
The Company's business model is to acquire lower league and non-league clubs, 
apply capital, business expertise, high-level football management and coaching, 
to create positive momentum and team psychology resulting in promotions to 
higher leagues. It will innovate and develop new revenue streams in its 
portfolio clubs. Promotion usually adds greatly to revenue streams and results 
in significantly higher asset values. 

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January 17, 2019 11:24 ET (16:24 GMT)