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DJ Startup Giants Plc New Accounting Reference Date

                      ("Startup Giants" or the "Company"; 
            Change of Accounting Reference Date/Financial Year-End 
               Ticker symbol on NEX Exchange Growth Market: SUG) 
The Company on 20th July 2018 applied to change its accounting reference date 
("ARD") from 31st January to 31st December and has received from the Registrar 
of Companies confirmation that the change is now effective. The ARD is the date 
each year up to which a company's statutory accounts must be made up and 
subsequently be filed at Companies House. 
There will be no change to Startup Giants' next regular announcement of 
financial information, namely the interim financial statements for the 
half-year from 1st February to 31st July 2018; these must be announced before 
the end of October, 2018. The following figures to be reported, however, shall 
be in respect of the shortened 11-month period from 1st February 2018 to 31st 
December 2018 and these must be announced prior to the end of May, 2019. 
Thereafter, the Company shall report annual results for periods from 1st 
January to 31st December and interim figures for half-years from 1st January to 
30th June. 
The principal reasons for the Directors' decision to change the ARD were to 
coincide the Company's year-end with the end of a VAT quarter and to adopt a 
widely-used and accepted reporting period. 
Jeremy Buckler, Chief Executive Officer 
7th August 2018 
This announcement has been made after due and careful enquiry and the Directors 
of Startup Giants PLC accept responsibility for its content. 
Startup Giants PLC 
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August 08, 2018 02:00 ET (06:00 GMT)