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DJ Coinsilium Group Limited Company Update

1 November 2016 
                           COINSILIUM GROUP LIMITED 
                         ("Coinsilium" or the "Group") 
                                Company Update 
                            Monthly company update 
Please see below a monthly round-up of selected news from Coinsilium Group 
Limited (COIN:ISDX). 
The Heathrow expansion is going ahead, Great British Bake Off is over and the 
American election result is now just a week away. It might seem the world has 
other things on its mind but rest assured blockchain is still making headlines 
and impacting various industries. 
Some of those making headlines are Coinsilium and our very own investees. Read 
on to find out more. 
We love to hear from Coinsilium fans, so if you have anything to say please 
tweet us, email us or even link-in with us. 
Factom raises Series A funding, led by Tim Draper 
Factom Inc. ('Factom'), a company in which Coinsilium has a 1.8% equity 
interest, has raised $4.2m in a Series A round of funding led by Tim Draper of 
Draper Associates. Read the full announcement here. 
Coinsilium divests from gold-investment platform 
The Coinsilium Board has reviewed TRAC Technology Ltd ("TRAC") against its 
strategy of investing in early stage blockchain focused companies. 
It has concluded that TRAC no longer meets Coinsilium's core criteria and, as a 
result, the Board has decided to take advantage of an opportunity to divest 
its direct 27.3% shareholding in TRAC. Coinsilium will receive consideration of 
US$100,000 for its shares; of which 50% will be paid in cash and the remainder 
will be paid by the issue of 2.6m new shares in Kolar Gold Limited (AIM:KGLD) 
which will be subject to a lock-in period of three months. Kolar Gold Limited 
is managed by CEO Cameron Parry, a former director of Coinsilium Group Limited. 
Read the full announcement here. 
Factom woos mortgage industry experts 
Coinsilium were delighted when Factom announced the addition of three veteran 
executives with deep experience building distributed systems and enterprise 
mortgage software, to the team.  Read the full announcement here. 
Factom weighs in on bitcoin debate 
If you have been wondering what all the chat about the future of bitcoin is 
about (to fork or not to fork), we highly recommend this article covering 
Factom Chairman David Johnston's views and his reasons for them.  Read here. 
SatoshiPay helps to launch European FinTech Alliance 
SatoshiPay is one of ten members to join the European FinTech Allicance, 
positioning themselves in strategic position when it comes to working with 
regulators and industry.  Read about the Alliance's plan for statutes and plans 
for upcoming policy days. 
SatoshiPay's Role in the Attention Economy 
"Paid attention" services are something that is a growing threat to the power 
of Google Ads. looked at the growing trend of monetizing 
content, and how SatoshiPay were playing a role. Read here. 
RSK Labs: Will blockchain be the end of lawyers? 
E&T: Engineering and Technology, an online magazine, have written a great 
article on smart contracts and how it will work in the real world, full of 
centralised systems. Amongst the many recognisable names was Sergio Lerner, 
Chief Scientist at RSK Labs.  Read about smart contracts here. 
RSK founder brings Bitcoin Miners to Argentina 
In November, over sixty blockchain entrepreneurs as well as miners controlling 
almost 50% of Bitcoin's total global hash power are going to Buenos Aires, 
Argentina. Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, CEO and co-founder at RSK Labs is 
organising the event.  Find out more. 
What does Brexit mean for fintech? 
Laurent Kssis, Chairman of Coinsilium, spoke to Finextra about what the 
implications of the Brexit vote might be on the UK's upcoming fintech 
industry.  Watch here. 
A Q&A with Eddy Travia, chief executive at Coinsilium 
Eddy Travia was interviewed by GamCrowd, where he considered the role 
blockchain could have in the gambling industry, from regulation through to 
bitcoin.  Read here. 
TedX talk: How will the Blockchain revolution will change our lives? 
Eddy Travia was invited to give a TedX talk in Madrid earlier this year, and we 
are delighted to be able to bring you the video so you too can enjoy it. 
Seminar on blockchain at Old University 
Coinsilium ran a 'Blockchain Day' in Malta, with Eddy Travia and Adam Vaziri 
providing the teaching. Grant Thornton Spain also presented during the day. 
If you are interested in attending a training course please email us. 
Coinsilium on Tour 
Coinsilium continues to make a name for itself as a thought-leader and 
commentator for blockchain, the industry and the increasing number of 
use-cases. This month we've been in Vegas, Dubai and Malta. Next month we're 
hitting New Delhi and Brussels, to name a few. 
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Notes to Editor 
Coinsilium is a London-based blockchain technology focused investment and 
development company, supporting early-stage blockchain companies through 
investment, acceleration, development and education. 
Coinsilium is the world's first blockchain technology focused company to be 
admitted to trading on an Exchange Regulated Market and has a portfolio of 
interests in blockchain companies and projects.  In addition to pursuing its 
investment strategy Coinsilium is able to offer a suite of services including 
corporate/business advisory, CPD accredited training & education, investment 
solutions, in-house development and other professional services to blockchain/ 
fintech companies and major corporates wanting to learn more about blockchain 
technology and its implications to the way the world transfers value over the 
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