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DJ Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne, Plc Director/PDMR Shareholding

Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne, Plc 
The company has been notified of the following share acquisition by a director: 
Director                                    Mr C P Freeman 
Number of GBP1 ordinary shares purchased:   750 (0.125% of the issued 
                                            voting share capital) 
Date of transaction                         14 April 2016 
Price paid per share                        GBP 8.15 
Nature of interest                          Beneficial 
Resultant number of GBP1 ordinary shares    5,000 (0.833% of the issued 
held by Mr C P Freeman and his family       voting share capital) of 
                                            which 1,750 (0.292% of the 
                                            issued share capital) is 
                                            held directly. 
The Directors of Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne, plc accept full responsibility for 
the contents of this announcement. 

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April 19, 2016 08:56 ET (12:56 GMT)