Welcome to NEX Exchange

At NEX Exchange our focus is on assisting SME growth companies
achieve their financial goals.

So whether you are looking to raise capital for expansion of your company, make future acquisitions, expand your shareholder base
or arrange for a future exit for the shareholders in your company,
NEX Exchange is here to help you achieve that vision.


Often an entrepreneur’s vision is lost as part of a listing processing
when joining a market with management time and effort being
diverted from the running of the business into getting the company
onto an exchange. This is something that we want to address and at
NEX Exchange we are keen to make the process as transparent and simple as possible.


We want to talk to companies about their long term objectives and goals not just about joining the market. Only by understanding your longer term objectives can an exchange provide you with a real added value proposition.

At NEX Exchange, we have an experienced and helpful team that works closely with our network of corporate advisors, brokers, market professionals and funding specialists all of whom are dedicated to helping SME growth companies. We look forward to working with you.


Patrick Birley