• NEX Exchange welcomes Freyherr International Group PLC

    12/08/2019 | 08:56

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  • Aquis acquires NEX Exchange

    05/07/2019 | 10:47

    Aquis Exchange is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire NEX Exchange Limited 

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  • NEX Exchange welcomes Arbuthnot Banking Group plc

    17/05/2019 | 09:21

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  • NEX Exchange welcomes Dozens Savings Plc

    26/02/2019 | 03:55

    Dozens Savings plc offers a fixed income financial investment product...

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  • NEX Exchange welcomes Altona Energy Plc

    01/02/2019 | 08:32

    Altona Energy Plc is an exploration company focused on the evaluation and...

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  • Company Profile: Eight Capital

    11/01/2019 | 01:32

    It’s fair to say that Eight Capital Partners’ antecedent...

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  • Company Profile : Shepherd Neame

    13/12/2018 | 12:21

    NEX Exchange is very proud that the oldest brewer in Britain is a member...

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  • Company Profile: Sativa News

    10/10/2018 | 12:16

    In less than a year, Sativa has truly established itself as a successful and powerful medicinal cannabis...

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NEX Exchange latest trades

Instrument Price (GBX) Volume Value (GBP) Date & Time Previous closing price
Shepherd Neame (Growth Market) 1,077 184 1,981.68 23/08/2019 | 16:15 1085
Freyherr International Group Plc (Growth Market) 170 294 499.8 23/08/2019 | 16:13 172.5
Sativa Group Plc (Growth Market) 6.1 40,577 2,475.2 23/08/2019 | 15:26 6.13
Cadence Minerals Plc (Growth Market) 0.097 502,523 502.52 23/08/2019 | 15:21 0.1075
EUROCANN INTERNATIONAL PLC (Growth Market) 4 56 2.24 23/08/2019 | 15:10 4.5

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NEX Exchange Profiles

Company Profile: Shepherd Neame

NEX Exchange is very proud that the oldest brewer in Britain is a member, although Shepherd Neame's business is morphing - in line with the changing tastes and cultural attitudes of the country - such that calling it a "brewery" might be considered inadequate. To gauge exactly what the 302-pub strong Shepherd Neame's view of the future might be we spoke to Jonathan Neame,

NEX Exchange Profile: Good Energy Group plc

Good Energy renewable energy company based in the heart of Wiltshire, is truly of the zeitgeist. It is one of the leading suppliers of renewable power in the UK today; it is also one of the main proponents for action to prevent further climate change, thanks in large part to the energetic dedication of Juliet Davenport, its founder and CEO. It is also traded on NEX Exchange.

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Latest News

  • Quoted Micro 19th August 2019

    19/08/2019 | 09:51

    Brewer Adnams (ADB) reported a decline in first-half revenues from £35.5m to £34.7m, while the loss increased from £840,000 to £1.15m

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  • Quoted Micro 12 August 2019

    12/08/2019 | 08:24

    NQ Minerals (NQMI) has invested a further £150,000 Tasmania Energy Metals through a convertible loan, taking the total investment to £450,000

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  • Quoted Micro 5 August 2019

    06/08/2019 | 08:05

    Netalogue Technologies (NTLP) increased its revenues by 26% to £1.35m in the year to March 2019. Pre-tax profit jumped from £82,000 to £300,000

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