Quoted Micro 15 January 2018

15/01/2018 | 09:27

Wines maker Chapel Down Group (CDGP) says that its open offer at 50p a share was oversubscribed. Excess applications will be scaled back. The additional £1.47m raised takes the total to £20m. BlackRock holds a 5.79% stake and Nigel Wray owns 16.2%.

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Quoted Micro 8 January 2018

08/01/2018 | 09:06

Kryptonite 1 (KR1) has invested $249,000 in a presale of 4,775,686 Simple tokens in a project administered by OpenST Ltd. The plan is for the tokens to be used to enable digital currencies to be launched by businesses. There has also been a $100,000 investment in the presale of tokens in the Props project. That bought 859,569 Props tokens. These tokens are used as a cryptocurrency as part of a decentralised ecosystem of video applications.


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Quoted Micro 1 January 2018

02/01/2018 | 09:02

Commercial property investor Ace Liberty and Stone (ALSP) has launched an open offer of convertible notes and warrants to raise up to £4.85m. The conversion price is 25p a share, while the warrants are exercisable at 80p a share. The closing date is 22 January.There are already commitments for £3.01m. Additional cash is required to make more property purchases.

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Quoted Micro 18 December 2017

18/12/2017 | 10:01

Wine and beer maker Chapel Down Group (CDGP) has raised £18.53m at 50p a share and could raise up to £1.47m more via a one-for-35 open offer at the same share price. The latest acceptance date is 5 January. Chapel Down will invest in an additional 500 acres of vineyard land and more money will be put into marketing. The family interests of Michael Spencer have invested in the fundraising.

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Quoted Micro 11 December 2017

11/12/2017 | 12:43

First Sentinel (FSEN) has bought a 80% stake in Perennial Enterprises in Australia in an all share deal. Perennial is a profitable debtor finance business and it is purchasing A$5m of invoices each month. Shane Perry of Perennial will join the First Sentinel board.

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Quoted Micro 4 December 2017

04/12/2017 | 09:22

NQ Minerals (NQMI) has published the competent person report on the Hellyer gold project in Tasmania. This indicates that the project has a NPV of $113.2m. The processing facilities are being refurbished and operations are expected to commence in 2018 following the approval of the environmental management plan.


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Quoted Micro 27 November 2017

27/11/2017 | 09:04

Kryptonite 1 (KR1) has invested $986,000 in DOT tokens, which are related to the Polkadot Project. A total of $150m was raised to finance the development of a decentralised protocol that allows trust-free movement of tokens and data between blockchains.

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Quoted Micro 20 November 2017

20/11/2017 | 09:09

Clean Invest Africa (CIA) raised £530,000 at 0.4p a share and joined the NEX Exchange Growth Market on 14 November. The founders subscribed for shares at 0.25p each during September and October. The expected admission price was 1p and the share price ended the week at 1.45p (1.3p/1.6p). 

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NEX Exchange welcomes Clean Invest Africa to our Growth Market

13/11/2017 | 11:08

Clean Invest Africa [NEX:CIA] is an Investment Vehicle that will focus on delivering an attractive return through acquiring stakes in clean energy companies, remediation/restoration technologies, waste to energy technologies and other clean energy related projects throughout Africa.

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Quoted Micro 13 November 2017

13/11/2017 | 08:57

Blockchain investment company Coinsilium Group Ltd (COIN) has signed a memorandum of understanding with UMT United Mobility Technology, which has shares traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and owns 3% of Coinsilium, to collaborate on the development of blockchain-related mobile payments services for the business to consumer market.

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FFK Raises £3000 in football tournament

13/11/2017 | 09:40

Futures for Kids raised £3,000 in its annual five-a-side football tournament on October 26th.

The industry charity’s latest event took place between eight teams in Shoreditch and was sponsored by ION. The winners of the evening were NEX exchange, which won the tournament trophy

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Quoted Micro 6 November 2017

06/11/2017 | 09:29

Chapel Down Group (CDGP) says that the 2017 harvest was second best in the company’s history. There was a 10% volume increase on the previous year. The quality was also good. There had been fears for the harvest because of the frost in April but Chapel Down sources from a wide range of vineyards. Chapel Down has completed the acquisition of the 1.6 acre site in Ashford where the Curious Brewery will be developed.

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Quoted Micro 30 October 2017

30/10/2017 | 09:05

The government proposal to drop plans to cap housing benefit in the supported living sector to Local Housing Allowance rates is good news for Ashley House (ASH) because the rates would not have been viable. 

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Quoted Micro 23 October 2017

23/10/2017 | 09:05

Supported housing developer Walls and Futures REIT (WAFR) has improved its net asset value by 4.4% to 94p a share in the six months to September 2017. Interim figures should be published within a fortnight.

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Quoted Micro 16 October 2017

20/10/2017 | 10:01

This month marks the 22nd anniversary of the launch of NEX Exchange, although it was then originally called Ofex. A number of companies have gone on to bigger things, including Genus, which is in the FTSE250 index and accesso Technology, which is one of the top 50 companies on AIM. 

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Quoted Micro 9 October 2017

09/10/2017 | 09:26

National Milk Records (NMRP) has changed its year end to June and its latest figures are for the 15 months to June 2017. This is a period when the dairy information and data services provider sorted out its pension deficit problem and this removed significant, and volatile, liabilities from the balance sheet.

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Quoted Micro 2 October 2017

02/10/2017 | 08:54

Newbury Racecourse (NYR) reported a slightly lower interim operating loss of £268,000 on revenues 10% higher at £7.04m. More race days helped the racing operations but there were fewer other events which offset that. The nursery business made a much better contribution. Investment in the racecourse continues and income from residential property development of £1.95m helped to fund this. NAV is £44.1m.

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Quoted micro 25 September 2017

25/09/2017 | 08:36

Shepherd Neame (SHEP) improved both beer volumes and like-for-like sales in its managed pubs last year. The first phase of investment in the brewery has been completed and new beer brands have been launched to replace the contract brewing of Asahi lager

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Quoted micro 18 September 2017

19/09/2017 | 09:07

Good Energy (GOOD) is hoping that efficiency improvements will help it to grow its profit. So far annualised savings of £1m have been made with more to come in 2018. Customer churn meant that electricity and gas customers were 1% lower in the first half. In the six months to June 2017, revenues were 16% higher at £52m but pre-tax profit was 37% lower at £700,000 due to restructuring and investment costs. Net debt was £60.4m.

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Is there enough choice for stock market investors?

11/09/2017 | 09:38

Investing in the stock market can be a laborious task. Reading the latest research, calling up your broker, watching the latest trends on financial TV channels, subscribing to the Financial Times or reading Investment Week or Investors Chronicle.

And once you have done all that, it turns out that the same old companies being touted. How tedious.

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Social Stock Exchange Shortlisted for an award at ICAEW Finance for the Future Awards

13/09/2017 | 02:52

Over the summer the Social Stock Exchange was delighted to have been shortlisted in the Investing & Financing category of the ICAEW Finance for the Future Awards.  The winners are announced at a ceremony on the 12th October. 

To find out more about Social Stock Exchange click here

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Quoted Micro 11 September 2017

11/09/2017 | 09:09

Milamber Ventures (MLVP) has signed non-binding heads of terms to acquire vocational training provider Essential Learning Company Ltd and it wants to raise up to £2m. Milamber already owns 15% of Essential, which it acquired for £75,000 last May. The other 85% would be acquired for a deferred payment of £800,000 in cash and £100,000 in shares. 

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Quoted Micro 4 September 2017

04/09/2017 | 09:38

Gowin New Energy Group Ltd (GWIN) is moving into the tea market, where its chief executive already has experience. Gowin intends to buy a 15% stake in a Cayman Islands-registered tea business and this new business will link up with experience of the industry that are based in Taiwan. The plan is to raise £5m from a preference share issue at 2p each, with an initial £2m raised, and use part of this cash as a loan to the new business. There will be a fixed annual preference dividend of 2%, while the loan will geerate 3% a year.

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Quoted Micro 28 August 2017

30/08/2017 | 09:07

Good Energy (GOOD) and Ecotricity have come to an agreement that means the latter has withdrawn its requisition of a general meeting. No details were released about the reasons behind the withdrawal.

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Quoted Micro 21 August 2017

21/08/2017 | 08:56

Good Energy (GOOD) has set the date for general meeting requisitioned by rival renewable electricity supplier Ecotricity, which wants Dale Vince and Simon Crowfoot to join the board. The general meeting will be held on 6 September. Good Energy still believes it would be unwise to have the representatives of its rival on the board.

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Quoted Micro 14 August 2017

14/08/2017 | 08:59

Brewer Adnams (ADB) continues to grow its beer volumes and Ghost Ship is behind much of that growth. Interim revenues improved from £31.2m to £33.2m, while there was a swing from a pre-tax profit of £1.86m to a £284,000 loss.

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Quoted Micro 7 August 2017

07/08/2017 | 08:41

Valiant Investments (VALP) has raised a further £52,500 at 0.1p a share and its 84.7%-owned subsidiary Flamethrower has acquired FootballTipsFC.com for £40,000. Subscriptions generate £50,000 a year in revenues for the website which provides football betting tips.

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Quoted Micro 31st July 2017

31/07/2017 | 08:34

Kryptonite 1 (KR1) has invested $100,000 in the initial coin offering of the Omisego project, which is being developed to enable decentralised payments and remittances, acquiring 365,199 tokens.

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Quoted Micro 24 July 2017

24/07/2017 | 09:01

Ace Liberty & Stone (ALSP) has raised £10m via a 6% convertible loan note. The conversion price is 71.25p a share and full conversion would be the equivalent of 26% of the share capital. The loan note is redeemable on 23 May 2019. The holder of the loan note has also been granted an option to purchase some of Ace’s properties.

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NEX Exchange: A growth-first approach to entering the public market

18/07/2017 | 11:01

What do Arsenal Football Club, Chapel Down and Coinsilium all have in common? They all have shares listed on NEX Exchange, one of the fastest growing public markets in the UK today. However, the public market isn’t just for large firms. CEO Patrick Birley explains why NEX Exchange is a natural fit for SMEs.

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Quoted Micro 17 July 2017

17/07/2017 | 08:52

Renewable electricity supplier Good Energy (GOOD) says rival Ecotricity, which owns 25.3% of Good Energy, has requisitioned a general meeting to get two directors, Dale Vince and Simon Crowfoot, on the board. Ecotricity founder Dale Vince believes that because of the significant stake he deserves representation on the board but Good Energy argues that it would not be in its interest to have a rival on the board with access to group information.

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Quoted Micro 10 July 2017

10/07/2017 | 09:31

Coinsilium Group Ltd (COIN) has sold its remaining stake in nanopayments software and blockchain company SatoshiPay to AIM-quoted Blue Star Capital (BLU) for €725,000 (£650,000), which has been raised through a placing at 0.2p a share. Blue Star Capital owns 31.1% of SatoshiPay.

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Quoted Micro 3 July 2017

04/07/2017 | 10:49

Quoted Micro 3 July 2017
A 40%-owned subsidiary of food and logistics company
 AfriAg Global (AFRI) has signed a deal with LGC Capital, which is quoted on TSX and acquired former NEX-quoted Leni Gas Cuba but it is no longer purely focused on Cuba, to create a 50/50 joint venture to grow and distribute medical and recreational cannabis products in southern Africa. David Lenigas is a director of both companies.

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The Social Stock Exchange announce the IPO of the first Investment Trust to focus solely on Impact Investing.

27/06/2017 | 02:25

The Social Stock Exchange  announce the IPO of the first Investment Trust to focus solely on Impact Investing.
The Social Stock Exchange is delighted to announce the Initial Public Offering of the first Investment Trust to focus solely on Impact Investing.

The Impact Investment Trust plc launched its IPO on 19 June 2017, announced via RNS  which is approved for financial promotion by the IPO sponsor and broker, Investec.

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Quoted Micro 26 June 2017

26/06/2017 | 09:59

Good Energy (GOOD) received applications for £16.7m of the corporate bonds on offer. The maximum application level was £20m. The energy supplier will issue the bonds on 30 June.

At the company’s AGM, Martin Edwards was not re-elected as a non-executive director and four special resolutions, three relating to pre-emption rights and one about calling a general meeting at 14 days notice, were not passed. Edwards has been a director of Good Energy since its formation and has expertise in renewable energy generation

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The fifth annual Small Cap Awards Awards' winners

26/06/2017 | 09:48

The fifth annual Small Cap Awards Awards' winners have been announced at a black tie gala in London 22 June 2017. The Awards were established to celebrate success for smaller quoted companies on Nex Exchange and AIM. The Small Cap Awards ceremony shone a light on the best companies and participants in the small and micro-cap community (sub £150m market capitalisation) across eleven categories.

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Quoted Micro 19 June 2017

19/06/2017 | 09:07

Newbury Racecourse (NYR) says that raceday attendances are 29% so far this year and no meetings were lost to the weather. Conference and events revenues have been maintained despite the refurbishment of the racecourse. Occupancy levels are building up at on-site hotel The Lodge.

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Quoted Micro 12 June 2017

13/06/2017 | 11:00

Brewer and pubs operator Daniel Thwaites (THW) says that net debt has increased from £34.1m to £47.6m at the end of March 2017 because of investment in the brewery and pubs plus acquisitions. The benefits of this investment is starting to show through. Full year revenues from continuing operations were slightly lower at £84.4m, while operating profit improved from £11.5m to £12.1m. The total dividend is unchanged at 4.46p a share.

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Quoted Micro 5 June 2017

05/06/2017 | 09:25

National Milk Records (NMRP) is raising £7.33m at 65p a share in order to help finance the withdrawal from the Milk Pension Fund. Like Genus, National Milk Records was part of the Milk Marketing Board and that is why it has part responsibility for the Milk Pension Fund. There will be a one-off contribution of £10.1m to the fund and £4.68m will be paid in cash and shares to Genus.

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Quoted Micro 29 May 2017

30/05/2017 | 08:40

Crossword Cybersecurity (CCS) has taken advantage of the high profile of cyber security to raise cash at a premium to the market price. Crossword raised £145,000 at 230p a share. The current mid-price is 195p a share and the most recent trade was at 197p a share last September. Brenlen Jinkens took up 50% of the new shares and he has 5.13% of the company.

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Quoted Micro 22 May 2017

22/05/2017 | 09:29

London and south east England residential property developer St Mark Homes (SMAP) says it will in the immediate future focus on homes for sale for less than £600,000, because this is the London help to buy limit. In 2016, revenues fell from £3.1m to £1.34m but the unchanged contribution from joint ventures and a release of negative goodwill of £150,000 – a non-cash item – meant that pre-tax profit improved from £549,000 to £652,000.

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Capital for Colleagues to present at the Shares Spotlight Evening in London on 6 June 2017

16/05/2017 | 01:02

Capital for Colleagues to present at the Shares Spotlight Evening in London on 6 June 2017
The evening event provides an opportunity for board directors from UK listed companies to make a presentation about their company and update existing & potential investors on their business plans.

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NQ Minerals to present at the Shares Spotlight Evening in London on 6 June 2017

16/05/2017 | 12:23

NQ Minerals to present at the Shares Spotlight Evening in London on 6 June 2017
Shares and AJ Bell Media are pleased to present AB Dynamics, Central Asia Metals, St Mark Homes, NQ Minerals and Capital for Colleagues at their evening event in London on Tuesday 6 June 2017 at the NEX Exchange.

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Quoted Micro 15 May 2017

15/05/2017 | 11:18

Newbury Racecourse (NYR) increased its revenues by 4% to £16.9m in 2016. Underlying trading profit was 8% ahead at £740,000 but there was also a £19.4m gain on the sale of land for housebuilding partly offset by £3.45m impairment charge. The NAV was £44.4m, which is around double the company’s market value. Net cash is £5.4m. The redevelopment of the racecourse continues with the latest phase due to be completed next year.

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Anthony Hilton: Look beyond AIM for the Nex generation of small-cap markets

10/05/2017 | 09:25

Among the many observations to come from the world’s most famous investor, Warren Buffett, at last weekend’s annual meeting of his company Berkshire Hathaway, was his observation that the most successful companies of today — businesses such as Apple, Google and Facebook — do not need large amounts of capital from outside investors in order to keep growing. They are quite different from the leading businesses of the past in not needing capital and in not much needing outside investors either.

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Quoted Micro 27th February 2017

27/02/2017 | 09:24

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) says that one of its employee-owned investee business FJ Holdings has sold its businesses and been placed in administration. 

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Quoted Micro 8 May 2017

08/05/2017 | 09:10

Mechan Controls (MECP) is selling its main subsidiary to its technical director and intends to sell its other business and return cash to shareholders. The core business is being sold for up to £2m, with a minimum of £1.64m, including £1.24m initially, payable. The final £360,000 is dependent on the buyers selling the 142,300 shares they own in Mechan Controls.

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Quoted Micro 1 May 2017

02/05/2017 | 09:08

Cyber security technology developer and consultancy Crossword Cybersecurity (CCS) continues to scale up its business and there is a product launch planned for this summer. In 2016, revenues jumped from £21,000 to £345,000 but the loss increased from £755,000 to £950,000 – even after £78,000 of R&D tax credits. There was £1.55m in the bank at the end of 2016. AIM-quoted Iomart is cooperating with Crossword on launching the Nixer machine learning DDoS platform on the market.

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Quoted Micro 24 April 2017

24/04/2017 | 08:57

Chapel Down Group (CDGP) reported a one-quarter increase in group revenues to £10.2m in 2016, however, £3.44m of these revenues came from associate brewing company Curious Drinks, which is no longer consolidated following last year‘s fundraising. Chapel Down owns 49.79% of Curious Drinks voting shares but has a 90.2% economic share of the business.

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Quoted Micro 17 April 2017

19/04/2017 | 10:02

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) is raising £2.02m via a one-for-two open offer to existing shareholders at 42p a share and there are already commitments for 57% of this investment. The closing date is 27 April. The NAV was 43.5p a share at the end of February, which was hit by a write-off of a major investment.

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Quoted Micro 10 April 2017

10/04/2017 | 10:11

Social impact investment company Inqo Investments Ltd (INQO) has taken a stake in Uganda-based Four-One Financial Services Ltd, which manages the Mazima Voluntary Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme. The pension scheme is aimed a low income earners and Four-One provides marketing and administration services.

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Small Cap Awards 2017 Nominations Announcement

06/04/2017 | 10:06

The fifth annual Small Cap Awards nominations sponsored by NEX Exchange are announced as follows:

NEX Exchange Company of the Year
Adnams plc; Capital for Colleagues plc; Chapel Down; Crossword Cybersecurity plc; Sandal plc.

Social Stock Exchange Impact Company of the Year
Capital for Colleagues; Caretech; Impax Asset Management; Obtala

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Quoted Micro 3 April 2017

03/04/2017 | 09:19

Hearing equipment supplier DHAIS (DHAP) has reduced the number of stores it operates and that is why its interim revenues fell by 18% to £4.16m but it did move back into profit before notional interest charges. The company continues to reduce its exposure to the mobility sector and concentrate on the supply of hearing aids.

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Barbarian Investor Podcast No 14 with Patrick Birley Chief Executive

27/03/2017 | 09:22

Our guest on todays podcast is Patrick Birley CEO of NEX Exchange. NEX is a Recognised Investment Exchange in London under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and was formally known as ISDX which in turn emerged from 'Plus Markets'.

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Quoted Micro 27 March 2017

27/03/2017 | 09:03

Brewer Adnams (ADB), which sponsored last year’s Tour of Britain cycling event, continues to invest in its brewery with beer sales moving above 100,000 barrels in 2016. More of that beer is being sold in kegs. The decline in sterling increased the price of hops and wine, which hit the retail operations.

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Quoted Micro 20 March 2017

20/03/2017 | 10:20

Health and care properties developer Ashley House (ASH) is widening its area of operations through the acquisition of a modular off-site construction business by its subsidiary F1 Modular, which already works with the company.

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Quoted Micro 13 March 2017

14/03/2017 | 09:03

Blockchain technology investment company Coinsilium Group Ltd (COIN) has raised £188,000 at 1p a share with the cash coming from directors and existing shareholders. The valuations of Factom and SatoshiPay have increased since the beginning of the year.

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Quoted Micro 6 March 2017

06/03/2017 | 09:39

Kent-based brewer Shepherd Neame (SHEP) reported a 7% increase in first half revenues to £79.2m. The main growth was in the managed pubs and hotels division. Pre-tax profit fell from £8.7m to £6.7m because of the lack of property disposals, although underlying profit did improve.

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The 'new' alternative market for small caps

24/02/2017 | 08:35

Most people are aware of the AIM market as a home for smaller growth companies but there is an alternative in London.

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Angus Energy Plc (Angus) has announced its successful issue of up to £3.5 million sterling denominated secured 8.5% bonds due 2022.

23/02/2017 | 03:46

Angus operates a UK onshore focused oil and gas business with interests in two recently producing oil fields in the UK Weald Basin in southern England. 

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21/02/2017 | 09:49

Patrick Birley is not what you might expect of a CEO of a stock exchange. Anyone who can say “I have little doubt that there is an inverse relationship between money and happiness” sounds very much like an old hippy.

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Quoted Micro 20th February 2017

21/02/2017 | 09:14

Forbes Ventures (FOR) has taken a 0.84% stake in potential challenger bank Civilised Investments in return for £200,000 in cash.

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Quoted Micro 13th February 2017

13/02/2017 | 08:54

Investment vehicle Indigo Holdings (INGO) is seeking acquisitions in the consumer, financial and technology sectors in the Middle East and it joined NEX on 10 February.

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Quoted Micro 6th February 2017

07/02/2017 | 09:25

Bondholders in US-focused oil and gas company Diversified Gas & Oil (DOIL) have overwhelmingly opted to take the cash alternative ahead of the flotation of the ordinary shares on AIM on 3 February.

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Quoted Micro 30 January 2017

30/01/2017 | 11:25

There was a sharp improvement in operating profit from £120,006 to £213,657 at Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne (HYDP) in the year to October 2016.

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Quoted Micro 23rd January 2017

23/01/2017 | 12:32

Clinical decision support systems supplier DXS International (DXSP) increased its interim revenues by 17% 

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Quoted Micro 16th January 2017

16/01/2017 | 09:20

Ecommerce technology provider Netalogue Technologies (NTLP) has secured three contracts in the drinks sector.

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Quoted Micro 9 January 2017

09/01/2017 | 09:23

Hot Rocks Investments (HRIP) had £14,000 in the bank at the end of September 2016. The NAV improved from £664,000 to £901,000 thanks to unrealised gains on the portfolio of resources investments.

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Quoted Micro 2nd January 2017

03/01/2017 | 05:18

Business incubator Milamber Ventures (MLVP) is acquiring The League of Angels, an angel network set up by Barney Battles, a Milamber director. There is a subsidiary called The China 68 Club that offers access to Chinese family offices.

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Confirmation of amendments to the Trading Rules of NEX Exchange

03/01/2018 | 12:27

NEX Exchange is pleased to confirm that the amended Trading Rules of NEX Exchange to accommodate the introduction of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MIFID II”) are effective as of today, 3 January 2018.

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NEX Exchange - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MIFID II”)

01/11/2017 | 03:21

To accommodate the introduction of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MIFID II”), it is necessary for NEX Exchange to update and amend the Trading Rules of the Exchange. NEX Exchange has today launched a market consultation in relation to the amended rules. 

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11/10/2017 | 02:48

In an effort to reduce disruption to existing systems, we have attempted to keep the modifications as limited as possible and tailored to the anticipated new reporting obligations of our market participants.

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Crest Change of Venue ID

14/07/2017 | 03:53

CREST have informed us that they are changing the NEX Exchange venue ID from ISDX to NEXX . This change is scheduled for the weekend of the 22/23rd of July. If you have any questions please contact CREST through your usual contacts.

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NEX Exchange Market Notice

20/06/2017 | 11:35

NEX Exchange Market Notice

ISO10383 Market Identification Codes (MIC)

Please note that SWIFT, the maintenance agency for ISO10383 - Market Identification Code (MIC), have removed ISDX (ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange) as a MIC code and replaced it with NEXX.

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NEX Exchange appoints Mireille Dyrberg to its Board

28/02/2017 | 04:25

NEX Exchange, a NEX Group business which operates a regulated, UK stock exchange for small and medium companies, announces today that it has appointed Mireille Dyrberg to its Board as a Non-Executive Director.

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Philip Olm joins NEX Exchange

23/01/2017 | 12:07

Nex Exchange, which was known as ISDX before the Icap-Tullett Prebon merger and focuses on assisting small to medium-sized growth companies, has appointed Philip Olm as general counsel and head of regulation.

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AFH Acquisition of assets

01/02/2017 | 08:57

AFH, a leading financial planning led wealth management firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Taylor Frost Wealth Management Limited ("Taylor Frost"), an IFA business based in South West London. Following the acquisition Keith Taylor will join AFH as an adviser.

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AFH Financial Group Plc Full year results

30/01/2017 | 09:13

The Directors of AFH (the "Directors"), the rapidly growing wealth management and financial advisory business, today announce the Group's consolidated audited results for the period ending 31 October 2016 reflecting continued growth, 

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Monthly Bulletin November 2016

13/12/2016 | 08:47

Tengri Resources, now named Forbes Ventures plc (FOR), is an investment company which recently joined the ISDX Growth Market and is seeking a technology acquisition.

Tengri has raised £650,000 from an issue of convertible loan stock - which would be equivalent to 65.5% of Tengri if converted - having previously raised £100,000 from a share issue at 5p a share. The share price was 1p prior to joining ISDX and it ended the week at 2p (1.5p/2.5p).


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Walls & Futures becomes the first REIT to be admitted to ISDX

13/12/2016 | 05:17

Walls & Futures REIT plc (“WAFR”) today, became the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to be admitted on the ISDX Growth Market.

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BEIS Consultation on Extension of PSC regime

13/12/2016 | 08:19

BEIS Consultation on extension of Persons with Signifcant Control (PSC) regime: Implementation of Fourth Money Laundering Directive (Market Message)

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11/05/2016 | 12:28

NEX Exchange and IRESS are delighted to announce that electronic trading functionality for trading directly between brokers and market makers 

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22/04/2016 | 09:33

London, 21 April 2016, ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX), a fully regulated UK based stock exchange owned by the ICAP Group, announces today that it has appointed Tom Binks and Michael Berkeley to the ISDX Board. 

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