Eight Capital Partners (ECP) has a 40% stake in Finance Partners Group, which owns an investment in Italy-based Avantgarde Group. Avantgarde owns inventory finance fintech company Supply@Me (www.supplyme.tech), which is being acquired by former AIM company Abal. Last week Abal published the document for the acquisition and admission to the standard list. There will be a placing of Abal shares valued at £42.18m. That includes shares issued to the vendors of Supply@ME. The placing of new shares will raise £2.24m for Abal at 0.6756p a share.

IFA group AFH Financial (AFHP) is maintaining the rate of growth of revenues and fund inflows in the first quarter of the new financial year and cash generation has improved.

NQ Minerals (NQMI) has secured a $60m debt refinancing agreement. This is a six-year facility with an interest cost of five percentage points above LIBOR. Final documentation has to be completed. NQ has raised £177,000 at 7p a share.

The Department of Health and Social Care and the Home Office have announced that patients will get faster access to cannabis-based medicines. Sativa (SATI) is well-positioned to benefit because it has a controlled drug licence to cultivate, produce and supply cannabis for research.

EcoVista (EVTP) had net assets of £842,000 at the end of August 2019. The subsidiary that owned the investment property in the books has been subsequently sold for £1.

European Lithium (EUR) is drawing down a further A$2m from its facility with Winance Investment. This cash will be spent on the definitive feasibility study for the Wolfsberg lithium project. The company has yet to draw any funds from the H120 AG finance facility because a security agreement has to be completed.

Forbes Ventures (FOR) is establishing a securitisation cell company in Malta in order to securitise litigation funding assets that have been issued in the UK. ME Group will supply distributed ledger technology and manager the platform. The first securitisation should be complete and generating revenue within six months.

Gunsynd (GUN) is changing its investing policy “to invest in and/or acquire companies and/or projects within the natural resources sector, life sciences sector (concentrating on but not being limited to, plant-based nutrition and environmentally friendly alternatives to food sources) and the alcohol beverage sector, (concentrating on but not being limited to, ingredients used within the production of such beverages including sugar cane, agave, and molasses)”. The geographic focus is Europe, Australia, the US and the Caribbean.

VI Mining (VIM) issuing nearly 4.9 million shares at 15p each in order to pay debts of £730,400. Most of the shares were issued to VI Mining chief executive David Sumner. First Sentinel (FSEN) is raising £183,000 at 20p a share. This will provide working capital.

Dozens Savings 5% bonds (DSO7), maturing on 2 March 2021, have been admitted to NEX.

Trading in Wheelsure Holdings (WHLP) shares has been suspended because the accounts for the year to August 2019 have not been published.

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