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Quoted Micro 22 May 2017

22/05/2017 | 09:29

London and south east England residential property developer St Mark Homes (SMAP) says it will in the immediate future focus on homes for sale for less than £600,000, because this is the London help to buy limit. In 2016, revenues fell from £3.1m to £1.34m but the unchanged contribution from joint ventures and a release of negative goodwill of £150,000 – a non-cash item – meant that pre-tax profit improved from £549,000 to £652,000.

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Capital for Colleagues to present at the Shares Spotlight Evening in London on 6 June 2017
The evening event provides an opportunity for board directors from UK listed companies to make a presentation about their company and update existing & potential investors on their business plans.

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16/05/2017 | 01:02

NQ Minerals to present at the Shares Spotlight Evening in London on 6 June 2017
Shares and AJ Bell Media are pleased to present AB Dynamics, Central Asia Metals, St Mark Homes, NQ Minerals and Capital for Colleagues at their evening event in London on Tuesday 6 June 2017 at the NEX Exchange.

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16/05/2017 | 12:23
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NEX Exchange appoints Mireille Dyrberg to its Board

28/02/2017 | 04:25

NEX Exchange, a NEX Group business which operates a regulated, UK stock exchange for small and medium companies, announces today that it has appointed Mireille Dyrberg to its Board as a Non-Executive Director.

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Philip Olm joins NEX Exchange

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23/01/2017 | 12:07

AFH Acquisition of assets

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01/02/2017 | 08:57
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NEX Exchange providing access to first movers in blockchain and fintech

24/05/2017 | 10:23

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology entered financial services a number of years ago and has dominated column inches ever since.

Derived from the underlying technology of Bitcoin, the virtual currency, its uses range from self-executing ‘smart contracts’, to trade processing, the settlement of financial transactions and cryptocurrencies.

NEX Exchange is part of NEX Group, a financial tech company that operates at the heart of financial markets and has recently launched a new platform to simplify trade processing which uses distributed ledger technology. Being part of this wider Group, NEX Exchange is interested in companies that use emerging technologies to solve industry problems

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NEX Exchange – Home to Mineral Resource Fundraising  Success

Firms in the mining and resource sector represent a major segment among growth companies, something also reflected on the NEX Exchange Growth Market. Investors in these companies typically benefit from further returns on top of their initial investment when the firm moves from exploration to proving its resources or going into production.

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10/05/2017 | 11:38

NEX Exchange Growth Market: The Alternative to a Main Market Listing

There is a misconception that junior markets in London have become more restrictive. But at NEX Exchange, we deliver and continue to develop a straightforward admission process for UK and overseas firms to join our Growth Market. We offer a choice between a credible Growth Market designed to suit the needs of early stage companies and a fully regulated listing on the NEX Exchange Main Board.

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26/04/2017 | 12:14
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