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Quoted micro 18 September 2017

19/09/2017 | 09:07

Good Energy (GOOD) is hoping that efficiency improvements will help it to grow its profit. So far annualised savings of £1m have been made with more to come in 2018. Customer churn meant that electricity and gas customers were 1% lower in the first half. In the six months to June 2017, revenues were 16% higher at £52m but pre-tax profit was 37% lower at £700,000 due to restructuring and investment costs. Net debt was £60.4m.

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Investing in the stock market can be a laborious task. Reading the latest research, calling up your broker, watching the latest trends on financial TV channels, subscribing to the Financial Times or reading Investment Week or Investors Chronicle.

And once you have done all that, it turns out that the same old companies being touted. How tedious.

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11/09/2017 | 09:38

Over the summer the Social Stock Exchange was delighted to have been shortlisted in the Investing & Financing category of the ICAEW Finance for the Future Awards.  The winners are announced at a ceremony on the 12th October. 

To find out more about Social Stock Exchange click here

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13/09/2017 | 02:52
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Crest Change of Venue ID

14/07/2017 | 03:53

CREST have informed us that they are changing the NEX Exchange venue ID from ISDX to NEXX . This change is scheduled for the weekend of the 22/23rd of July. If you have any questions please contact CREST through your usual contacts.

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NEX Exchange Market Notice

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20/06/2017 | 11:35

NEX Exchange appoints Mireille Dyrberg to its Board

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28/02/2017 | 04:25
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Supporting SME Fundraising through Investor Relations and PR Activities

06/09/2017 | 12:46

Equity research is not only a way of keeping in contact with existing investors and stimulating liquidity, but also a means of reaching new institutional and retail investors. Furthermore, it is an increasingly important way for companies to capture information on their investors and analytics on how investors respond to their research – especially for small firms with typically smaller budgets. 

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Cyber security is the biggest challenge facing the digital world today, and the global market for solutions is set to grow from an estimated £50bn in 2015 to £116bn in 2020. 

Crossword Cybersecurity is a technology commercialisation firm focused exclusively on the sector which is positioned to take advantage of this booming market. Crossword works with UK universities to identify promising cyber security IP that meet real world challenges, and our expert consulting team, consisting of ex-military and national security experts, engages with clients to solve their problems. 

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09/08/2017 | 12:05


Ace targets commercial properties with quality tenants-8 per cent of rental income comes from national and local government with the balance from FTSE100 companies - and short lease periods. 


The NEX listing helps reassure shareholders on such matters as share value and transferability; corporate governance standards; and controlled dissemination of corporate information to create a level playing field. 

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14/08/2017 | 02:32
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