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NEX Exchange welcomes Clean Invest Africa to our Growth Market

13/11/2017 | 11:08

Clean Invest Africa [NEX:CIA] is an Investment Vehicle that will focus on delivering an attractive return through acquiring stakes in clean energy companies, remediation/restoration technologies, waste to energy technologies and other clean energy related projects throughout Africa.

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Blockchain investment company Coinsilium Group Ltd (COIN) has signed a memorandum of understanding with UMT United Mobility Technology, which has shares traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and owns 3% of Coinsilium, to collaborate on the development of blockchain-related mobile payments services for the business to consumer market.

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13/11/2017 | 08:57

Futures for Kids raised £3,000 in its annual five-a-side football tournament on October 26th.

The industry charity’s latest event took place between eight teams in Shoreditch and was sponsored by ION. The winners of the evening were NEX exchange, which won the tournament trophy

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13/11/2017 | 09:40
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NEX Exchange - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MIFID II”)

01/11/2017 | 03:21

To accommodate the introduction of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MIFID II”), it is necessary for NEX Exchange to update and amend the Trading Rules of the Exchange. NEX Exchange has today launched a market consultation in relation to the amended rules. 

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11/10/2017 | 02:48

Crest Change of Venue ID

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14/07/2017 | 03:53
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Renewable Energy in Africa

15/11/2017 | 10:35

Investing in the energy sector is becoming an increasingly popular investment sector.

Renewable energy is being made more competitive through technological advances, and this creates new opportunities for investors to get directly involved. Combining this with a focus on Africa, where new energy production methods present an opportunity for previously deprived communities to leap forward, and there is even greater investor appeal.

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Investing in property focused companies gives investors exposure to the property market without needing to invest in and manage properties directly. Equally, it allows
greater diversification in terms of geography and income, for example, from rental yields, capital gains or a combination of the two. Investing in quoted or listed securities on NEX Exchange, investors have the flexibility of access to live prices, liquidity and market makers. On NEX Exchange, investors can benefit from tax exemptions offered by the
UK government aimed at helping fuel small business growth. These range from capital gains and inheritance tax reliefs to being able to invest using your Individual Savings Account allowance.

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31/10/2017 | 08:34

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICOs are terms that have come from nowhere a few years ago to now being quoted in almost every forward-looking article about business and the future. As a stock exchange, balancing the needs of both companies and investors, how and when should we be getting involved?

At NEX Exchange we are actively monitoring these developments and finding ways to get involved. We are the platform for two of the first ever publicly quoted investment companies in the blockchain world (Coinsilium Group NEX:COIN and Kryptonite 1 NEX:KR1) 

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04/10/2017 | 12:32
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