Coinsilium Group Investor Evening: Blockchain Investment 
- Wednesday 7th November

Coinsilium is delighted to invite shareholders and investors to a special showcase event and panel session featuring a selection of its portfolio investee companies as well as its advisory clients.

Coinsilium will be facilitating a panel session entitled "Demystifying the Global Token Economy" which is designed to provide investors with some insight into exactly what's going on in the burgeoning global Token Economy and why the team at Coinsilium are so excited about what the future holds for the Company and shareholders  in this fast moving industry.


Brewer Shepherd Neame (SHEP) has secured long-term facilities of £50m, which expires in 2023, and a £35m private placement of loan notes with BAE Systems Pensions Fund which lasts for 20 years. These replace existing loans. A revaluation of pub assets has delivered a £24m gain on book value.

Mechanical and electrical services provider Field Systems Designs Holdings (FSD) has benefitted from strong spending in the water sector as Asset Management Plan 6 reaches its mid-point, as well as demand from the energy from waste sector. However, the energy from waste customer’s tough stance has held back group gross margin. In the year to May 2018, revenues improved from £17.2m to £25.9m, but pre-tax profit fell from £839,000 to £625,000. If the defined benefit scheme settlement gain is stripped out, then there is an improvement in profit from £463,000 to £558,000. There is £3.97m in the bank. The current order book is worth £12m.

TechFinancials Inc (TECH) is in talks with blockchain-based sports ticketing platform Footies Tech to establish a new subsidiary to develop a blockchain-based venue management system. The idea is that TechFinancials will own 75% of the company and it would provide finance of up to $500,000 to develop a proof of concept. TechFinancials will licence its technology to the new company for free.

Eight Capital Partners (ECP) is investing £250,000 in AIM-quoted Imaginatik (IMTK) with £160,000 subscription for shares at 1.1p a share for a 29.7% stake, and £90,000 in convertible loan notes with an annual interest rate of 7.5%. Eight Capital is issuing up to £2.5m of convertible bonds at 95% of their nominal value. The annual coupon is 5%. One warrant will be granted for every two shares issued.

High Growth Capital (HASH) has raised £500,000 at 0.8p a share, which was a 77% premium to the market price. Malcolm Burne and Professor Michael Cain have left the board and been replaced by Jens Zimmerman, who becomes non-executive chairman. The investment strategy will be widened from medicinal cannabis, because of a lack of opportunities, to technology. The company intends to acquire a 9.8% stake in Belgium-based artificial intelligence software developer Sentiance. The software enables companies to understand user behaviour. The data comes from smart devices. The technology is used in areas, such as insurance, health and car driving.



Auxico Resources Canada Inc(AUAG) is a Canadian dual-listed precious (gold and silver) and base metals (coltan) company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties in Colombia and Mexico. Auxico has a 100% interest in the Zamora Silver-Gold Property (“Zamora Property”), which is located 85 km southeast of the city of Culiacan and some 9 km northeast of the village of El Espinal in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.


Set up more than 15 years ago, Good Energy (GOOD) is a fast-growing green energy company, generating and selling 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK, all wrapped up in great customer service. Its mission is to support change in the energy market, tackle climate change and boost energy security. Good Energy has consistently been ranked first or second in Which? energy company customer satisfaction surveys for the past four years. The company invests in renewable energy including wind, solar, hydro and tidal.

NEX Group
  Top 5 Traded by Value
  Security Name Ticker Trades Value (GBP) Volume  
  Sativa Investments plc SATI 1,296 4,171,513 39,744,052  
  Shepherd Neame SHEP 108 1,804,528 174,223  
  High Growth Capital plc HASH 259 1,196,707 177,988,004  
  Chapel Down Group plc CDGP 108 1,160,898 1,685,872  
  NQ Minerals PLC NQMI 61 467,804 4,227,838  
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  NEX Exchange Market Overview
  Market Monthly Volumes (trades) Month on Month Change Value Month on Month Value Change Most Active Security  
  Primary 2,605 1,326 12,931,821 7,218,813 Sativa Investments plc - 1,296  
  Secondary 50,816 173 316,112,579 60,082,410 Sirius Minerals Plc - 4,260  
NEX Group
NEX Group
  Forthcoming Announcements
  Issuer Event Date  
  Gunsynd plc Annual General Meeting 15/11/2018  
  MetalNRG plc Annual General Meeting 15/11/2018  
  KR1 Annual General Meeting 26/11/2018  
  Sandal PLC Annual General Meeting 28/11/2018  
  Shepherd Neame Ltd Final Results 30/11/2018  
  National Milk Records plc Final Results 30/11/2018  
  INQO INVESTMENTS PLC Interim Results 30/11/2018  
  MetalNRG Plc Interim Results 30/11/2018  
  Imperial Minerals plc Final Results 30/11/2018  
  Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd Interim Results 30/11/2018  
  Dana Group International Investments Limited Final Results 30/11/2018  
  Churchill Mining plc Final Results 30/11/2018  
  Welney plc Final Results 30/11/2018  
  IMC Exploration Group plc Final Results 30/11/2018  
  BLOCK ENERGY PLC Final Results 30/11/2018  
  Western Selection plc Final Results 30/11/2018  
  Tectonic Gold plc Final Results 30/11/2018  

Senasen, a new solution for investor relations was launched in London on September 17th. It brings together companies and investors through a secure and easy to use digital platform.

As the impact of MiFID II becomes clearer and investor appetites evolve, Senasen provides a unique solution. It allows companies to share their value-creation stories, post their most compelling IR content, and interact directly with current and potential investors.

Senasen founder, Blair McPherson said ‘If facebook is for your friends, Twitter is for your opinions and LinkedIn is for your career – then Senasen is for your investors’.

Senasen is now open to UK users, but has global ambitions and will be launched in Canada and the US later this year.

NEX Exchange A NEX Group business. NEX Exchange helps its members reach investors and raise capital.

As well as financial institutions and large corporates, entrepreneurs use NEX to manage their biggest financial challenges. Whether choosing to offer equity or debt products, once admitted onto our stock exchange, small and medium-sized companies have easier access to investors.

Admission is simple and we fully support the transition to a public market environment. For the small and the ambitious, NEX Exchange is more than a source of capital – we are the platform for growth. And for investors, we offer simple access to a diverse range of dynamic companies. 

For more information, go to nexexchange.com
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