Orosur Mining Inc COMMON
Secondary Market

Orosur Mining Inc COMMON

Symbol Ccy Code Bid (GBX) Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
OMI.GB GBX 14.25 15.5 14.875 14.875 41,393 16/11/2017 11.55 18.5
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Key Information

ISIN: CA6871961059
Symbol: OMI.GB
MiFID Status: Regulated Market
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Latest Trades

Date & Time Volume Price
16/11/2017 13:29 20,209 14.8
16/11/2017 12:28 6,756 14.8
16/11/2017 09:15 13,453 14.8
16/11/2017 08:08 975 14.55
15/11/2017 09:26 8,000 14.935
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