NEX Exchange Main Board

The NEX Exchange Main Board is our market for larger, more established companies that are ready to join the UK Official List, or for those specialist issuers required to have a full listing.

To join the NEX Exchange Main Board, all issuers will be required to produce a Prospectus which has been approved by the UKLA or another EU competent authority under the Prospectus Directive. An application for admission to the NEX Exchange Main Board will be made in conjunction with the issuer’s application to the UKLA for admission to the Official List, or to another other EU competent authority for listing.

Issuers can apply to join the NEX Exchange Main Board in accordance with the NEX Exchange Main Board - Admission and Disclosure Standards. Issuers are asked to provide to NEX Exchange a copy of their approved prospectus (or confirmation of exemption) in order to qualify for the NEX Exchange Main Board.

Please see relevant supporting documentation and guides below or contact us