NEX Exchange Growth Market

The NEX Exchange Growth Market is our market for earlier stage entrepreneurial companies with an environment specially designed to meet their needs. The admission process is simple and transparent, and the team at NEX Exchange is here to help at every stage.

All companies wishing to apply to join the market must first appoint a NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser whose role is to determine their suitability for market and to manage the application process. Following admission, the Corporate Adviser must be retained at all times and is responsible for helping companies comply with NEX Exchange's Continuing Obligations.

To join the NEX Exchange Growth Market, companies must satisfy these key eligibility criteria:

  • Be a plc or equivalent in its own jurisdiction
  • Have at least 12 months' audited accounts
  • Have at least 10% free float (shares in public hands)
  • Demonstrate appropriate levels of corporate governance including having at least one independent non-executive director
  • Have published audited financial reports no more than nine months prior to the date of admission to trading
  • Have at least 12 months’ working capital
  • Have no restrictions on the transferability of shares
  • Issue shares which are eligible for electronic settlement

NEX Exchange Growth Market Admission Document

All companies applying to the NEX Exchange Growth Market are required to publish an Admission Document. Although less onerous than a full Prospectus, this document contains all the information an investor might need to make an informed decision about the business and its offering.

Details about the required content of an Admission Document can be found in the NEX Exchange Growth Market – Rules for Issuers.

Please note that under certain circumstances, for example, if the company is raising more than EUR 5 million, companies may need to publish a full prospectus for approval by the UKLA.

Fast track admission procedure

A fast-track admission procedure is available to applicants transferring from AIM and the m:access segment of Börse München. Fast track applicants who comply with NEX Exchange’s eligibility requirements do not have to publish an NEX Exchange Growth Market Admission Document but can apply by submitting a NEX Exchange Admission Announcement and a signed Issuer Agreement. Full details are on the NEX Exchange Growth Market – Rules for Issuers.

NEX Exchange also accepts applications from AIM companies wishing to issue debt securities on the NEX Exchange Growth Market. NEX Exchange is effectively able to treat these applications from AIM companies as fast tracks. An Information Memorandum may be published instead of an Admission Document. These debt securities can become admitted without NEX Exchange interviewing the directors and are able to incorporate public information by reference into an Information Memorandum, reducing time and costs.

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