Why join NEX Exchange?

Joining NEX Exchange can help companies at every stage of development; from young entrepreneurial ventures looking for growth capital through to well-established businesses ready to join the UKLA’s Official List.

Most companies apply to join NEX Exchange to raise capital to fund their continuing growth but there are many other benefits to "going public". For example, being admitted to NEX Exchange can:

  • enhance your company's profile, whether among potential shareholders or new customers;
  • demonstrate to potential customers, suppliers or business partners that your company has successfully undergone the rigorous scrutiny of the application process;
  • provide an independent valuation for your business;
  • enable shares to be used as an effective acquisition currency;
  • help existing shareholders to realise the value of their investment by providing a trading facility in the company's securities; or
  • support employee share schemes and share option schemes to help attract, retain and motivate the calibre of employee needed to grow the business.


NEX ExchangeGrowth Market

The NEX Exchange Growth Market helps dynamic, small and mid-cap companies from all industry sectors to achieve their ambitions. It is a proven source of equity and debt finance for companies coming to a public market for the first time, as well as being an established venue for existing issuers to raise further funds. It provides wide exposure for companies within a marketplace dedicated to growth. 

How to Join

NEX ExchangeMain Board

The NEX Exchange Main Board is an EU Regulated Market serving the needs of companies and other issuers seeking cost-effective admission to trading through the UKLA’s Official List, or other European Competent Authority.

How to Join