Meet with NEX Exchange

We meet all our clients to assess suitability and to ensure we understand their business growth ambitions.

At NEX Exchange, we are proud of our relationship-based approach with our clients. Unlike other traditional Stock Exchanges, our Business Development team would like to meet with each of it’s prospective Issuers before they begin their admission process. It gives us, the Exchange, an opportunity to learn more about your business and its growth ambitions, but more importantly gives you, the company, an opportunity to meet with our team and ask questions of the Exchange as to how we can help you achieve your goals.

Appoint a corporate adviser

You are required to appoint one of our Corporate Adviser members – we can facilitate introductions based on the size, sector and structure of the business.

A requirement to list on NEX Exchange is to appoint a Corporate Adviser, who will work with the prospective Issuer throughout the Admission process. Should the Issuer be successfully admitted to market, the Issuer will retain the Corporate Adviser to help manage its Corporate Governance and public market announcements.

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Begin the Admission Process

Your Corporate Adviser will work closely with our Regulation team to ensure the Admission Document meets our Growth Market standards

A Corporate Adviser’s role is to work with the prospective Issuer and its professional services, such as Lawyers and Accountants to pull together the required regulatory documentation to achieve a successful listing. Whilst the prospective Issuer can liaise with the Exchange when needed, it is the Corporate Advisers responsibility to liaise with the NEX Regulation team during the admission process.

Raise capital (if required)

You may need to appoint a corporate broker to help you raise the capital you need to achieve your growth ambitions.

Raising capital is most common reason companies seek to float their business on NEX Exchange, typically appointing a Corporate Adviser with a Corporate Brokering entity to help them achieve this. During the admission process, the Corporate Broker will work with you to produce an Investor Deck ready for an Investor Roadshow.

At NEX Exchange, we have set the minimum free float at 10%, which means that prospective Issuers must have at least 10% of their shares in public hands.

Regulation review

A final review will take place to ensure all information is present and correct and no further actions are required prior to launch.

Once the Admission Document is finalised, the Corporate Adviser will file an official application for the prospective Issuer with the NEX Regulation team.

Upon receiving the Final Admission Document, the review process will take place between our Regulation team and NEX Exchange Board Committee.

10-day market notice

Once approved, the Admission document will be published 10 days before your quotation on our Growth Market goes live.

Should the Admission Document be approved by the NEX Regulation team and Board Committee, a public market notice will be made, notifying the market that the prospective Issuer will be quoted on the NEX Exchange on a specific date.

This announcement is made 10-days prior to the agreed admission date.

IPO complete

On the day of trading we will invite you to a welcome reception.

After achieving a successful IPO, the team at NEX Exchange invite the new Issuer in for a Welcome Reception at our offices. It gives our team an opportunity to meet with the new Issuer and remains true to our values of building a relationship-based Stock Exchange.

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