NEX Exchange’s transformation from ISDX

On 30th December 2016, we marked a further step forward by renaming ourselves NEX Exchange, alongside other former ICAP businesses, within the NEX Group.

We remain a UK-based stock exchange for growth companies, authorised and regulated by the FCA as a Regulated Investment Exchange (RIE). Our EU Regulated Market, the NEX Exchange Main Board continues alongside the NEX Exchange Growth Market.

As well as the NEX Exchange Primary segments, NEX Exchange Trading (previously the ISDX Secondary Market) continues to provide a secondary trading venue to quoted and listed securities from any EU Regulated Market. Companies remain able to offer equity or debt products, and for the Issuers admitted, we continue to enable access to investors.

We introduce small and medium sized companies to a network of specialist advisors, investors and other companies seeking to raise capital and grow on our community based, cost effective, London stock market.

For all partners and members, our business relationship continues with NEX Exchange & NEX Exchange will continue to strengthen its community based, cost effective, London stock exchange.