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High Road Capital plc - Notice of AGM

                        NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of High Road Capital  plc
("the Company") will be held at 1.00pm on Monday 8 September 2008 at the offices
of Ruegg & Co Limited, 39 Cheval Place, London SW7 1EW to consider the following

1. To receive the Directors' Report and Accounts

2. To re-elect Gavin Burnell as a Director

3. To re-elect Adam Wilson as a Director

4. To re-appoint Littlejohn as auditors and to authorise the directors to set
their fees

5. To approve the continuation of the business as an investment company or
acquisition vehicle to invest in or acquire a company or companies, or assets, in
the renewable energy or financial sectors.

6. To authorise the Directors to allot shares

7. To disapply statutory pre-emption rights

8. To authorise the Company to purchase its own ordinary shares

9. To amend the articles of association to include directors' powers to authorise
directors' conflicts of interest