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DJ Ananda Developments Plc COVID-19 Initiative

27 April 2020 
                            ANANDA DEVELOPMENTS PLC 
                          ("Ananda" or the "Company") 
                              COVID-19 INITIATIVE 
The Directors of Ananda Developments Plc provide the following update to 
  * Current application to grow medicinal cannabis will involve analysis of 
    cannabis strains at the laboratory of Dr Dedi Meiri at The Technion in 
  * Dr Meiri is considered one of the world's foremost cannabis scientists 
  * Dr Meiri has commenced a new project to assess the potential of the anti 
    inflammatory properties of cannabis for treating coronaviruses 
  * Ananda's application to grow medicinal cannabis will be broadened to 
    stabilise strains of cannabis which may have applicability for the 
    treatment of hyperinflammation caused by coronaviruses.These strains would 
    be analysed at Dr Meiri's lab 
The Company's application (via 50% owned company, DJT Plants Limited) to grow 
medicinal cannabis is currently in process with the Home Office and the MHRA 
(Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency). In its licence application, Ananda 
proposes to grow and stabilise 65 strains of medicinal cannabis which will have 
cannabinoid profiles useful for a range of diseases. 
One of the key uses of medicinal cannabis is in the treatment of inflammatory 
diseases and one of the key features of cannabinoids and terpenes (the 
molecular constituents of cannabis) are their anti-inflammatory properties. 
The Company's collaboration partner for the detailed analysis of the molecular 
makeup of the strains which Ananda proposes to grow and stabilise is Dr Dedi 
Meiri, based at The Technion in Israel, and widely regarded as one of the 
world's foremost cannabis scientists. 
Dr Meiri has now commenced a new project to assess whether the 
anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties of medicinal cannabis have benefits 
as a preventative measure and treatment for Covid-19 (and similar diseases). 
His lab's research will be focused on four aspects of the potential of cannabis 
to dampen the hyperinflammatory response, involving the 'cytokine storm' 
(proteins released by cells to coordinate the body's immune response against 
infection), to the Covid-19 virus which is believed to cause much of the tissue 
damage as well as pulmonary edema, fever, and in severe cases ARDS (Acute 
Respiratory Distress Syndrome), septic shock and eventually multiple organ 
As a result of this development, Ananda's application to grow medicinal 
cannabis will be widened to accommodate the stabilisation of strains of 
cannabis which demonstrate cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are deemed 
potentially useful for preventing or treating Covid-19 and similar viruses.  It 
is proposed that these strains will be assessed in Israel by Dr Meiri's team. 
New coronaviruses have appeared throughout recent years and it is suggested 
that, after the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, there are likely to be new cases of the 
Covid-19 virus and new coronavirus outbreaks in coming years. 
If Ananda is able to grow and stabilise the appropriate strains of cannabis, 
the Company expects, as a result of its collaboration with Dr Dedi Meiri's 
research lab in Israel, to  contribute to research into the use of medicinal 
cannabis as a potential treatment for Covid-19 and other coronaviruses. 
The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this 
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April 27, 2020 02:01 ET (06:01 GMT)