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DJ Dana Group International Investments Re. Suspension - corrects earlier announcement

Dana Group International Investments Limited 
                           ("DANA" or the "Company") 
             Re. Share Suspension (corrects earlier announcement) 
On 10th March 2020 prior to the opening of business, trading on NEX Exchange 
Growth Market (the "Market") in the class A voting shares ("Shares") of DANA, 
the Dubai-based real property investment company, was suspended at the request 
of the Company's NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser ("Adviser") after it had become 
apparent to the Adviser that there could be difficulty, in the event of trade 
in the Shares occurring, in transfers of Shares being certified against the 
register of members or, in the case of depository interests in Shares, in such 
interests being transferred via the CREST under the Uncertificated Securities 
Regulations 2001 (as amended). 
The position concerning transfers of Shares remains uncertain and the Company, 
through its Adviser, has requested NEX Exchange to continue to the suspension 
of the Shares pending a further announcement concerning the continuing 
Admission of the Company's Shares to the Market, which it is anticipated shall 
be made prior to the end of this month. 
Issued by Keith, Bayley, Rogers & Co. Limited on behalf of Dana Group 
International Investments Limited, 16th March 2020 
This announcement has been made after due and careful enquiry. 
Dana Group International Investments Ltd: 
Contact: tel: +971 (0)4 350 3555; e-mail:; further 
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March 17, 2020 03:16 ET (07:16 GMT)