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DJ Lombard Capital PLC Statement re issue of warrants

4 July 2016 
                              LOMBARD CAPITAL PLC 
                               Issue of warrants 
Further to the announcement on 31 May 2016 the directors of Lombard Capital Plc 
("Lombard" or "the Company") announce that they have resolved to create further 
warrants, exercisable up to 1 May 2018 at a price of GBP0.10 per Ordinary Share. 
The warrants have been issued to both directors and service providers in 
consideration for their services, introductions and advice. 
Warrants are to be issued as follows:- 
David Grierson - Director - 100,000 
Mr Nigel Fitzpatrick - Non-Executive Director - 100,000 
Other parties - 500,000 
Furthermore the directors wish to announce that a further GBP10,000 7.5 per cent 
Convertible Unsecured Loan Notes 2018 (the "Loan Notes") have been subscribed 
for. The Loan Notes are convertible at the current mid-market price of GBP0.10 
per Ordinary Share of GBP0.001 each up to the final repayment date of 1 May 2018. 
Interest of 7.5% is payable bi-annually in respect of the Loan Notes. 
Each Loan Note holder will receive the same amount of warrants as Ordinary 
Shares that their Loan Note can be into converted into, as a result a further 
100,000 warrants have been issued exercisable up to 1 May 2018 at a price of GBP 
0.10 per Ordinary Share. 
All Loan notes and Warrants are subject to a lock-in deed prohibiting the 
transfer of Loan Notes or Warrants without the permission of the Company and 
the Company's corporate advisor Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited. 
As at today's date the Company has issued GBP45,000 Loan Notes and issued 
1,150,000 Warrants. Conversion of all of these outstanding securities would 
result in an additional 1,600,000 Ordinary Shares being issued and dilution of 
the current issued share capital, of 2,268,150 Ordinary shares, by 41%. The 
outstanding Loan Notes and Warrants therefore represent 41% of the fully 
diluted share capital. 
The directors of Lombard Capital Plc accept responsibility for this 
For further information please contact: 
Brent Fitzpatrick 
Tel:  07718 883813 
ISDX Corporate Adviser: 
Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited 
Nick Michaels:  020 7251 3762 

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July 04, 2016 03:00 ET (07:00 GMT)