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DJ Lombard Capital PLC Requisition of General Meeting - Correction

The announcement below replaces the announcement released on 1 July 2015 and 
confirms the date on which the Company was last notified of Quetzal Securities 
Limited's interest in the Company. 
                              LOMBARD CAPITAL PLC 
                         ("Lombard" or the "Company") 
                        Requisition of General Meeting 
On 25 June 2015, the Company received a request from Quetzal Securities Limited 
("Quetzal"), pursuant to section 303 of the Companies Act 2006 (the 
"Requisition"), that the Company convene a general meeting at which resolutions 
will be proposed inter alia, to remove Russell Darvill and Charlotte Argyle as 
directors of the Company and to appoint Mark Jackson and Graham Jones to serve 
in their place.  On 12 May 2015 the Company was notified that Quetzal had an 
interest in 291,500 ordinary shares in the Company, representing 15.19% of the 
Company's issued share capital. 
It is expected that a Notice of General Meeting will be issued in due course in 
respect of the Requisition. Shareholders are advised to take no action at this 
time. A further announcement will be made in due course. 
The Directors of Lombard are responsible for the contents of this announcement. 
Russell Darvill 
+44 20 7580 7576 
Mark Anwyl and Fungai 
+44 20 7469 0930 

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July 02, 2015 05:00 ET (09:00 GMT)