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DJ Netalogue Technologies Plc Unaudited Results Six Months ended 30 June 2013

11th December 2013 
Dear Shareholder, 
I am pleased to report that strategic and technology investments the Company 
made last year have positively impacted our results, helping produce our best 
ever first half-revenue performance. 
This growth relates to both of our core business activities, namely: direct 
sales of B2B ecommerce solutions to manufacturers, distributors and 
wholesalers; and indirect licensing of the Netalogue B2B Ecommerce Platform via 
ERP and cloud related channel partnerships. 
Key Highlights 
  * Sales of GBP511,000, our best ever first half. 
  * Compared with the same period last year gross margin increased by GBP170,000, 
    and EBITDA improved by GBP54,000. 
  * The Company continued to invest in The Netalogue B2B Ecommerce Platform in 
    areas which include and relate heavily to ERP customer self-service, mobile 
    ecommerce and cloud technologies. 
  * Costs increased as we invested additional resource into major partner and 
    direct projects, but rigorous cost control meant we closed the half-year in 
    our planned asset and cash positions and with no borrowings. 
Whilst technology sectors and the wider economic recovery is still tentative, 
it is notable that Netalogue clients continue to report significant cost and 
sales benefits from the use of our platform, facts which have supported us in 
both our direct and indirect sales efforts. 
It remains the case that all our clients are references for us and we believe 
we are well positioned to assist both end user B2B suppliers and our ERP 
reseller partners take fullest advantage as the economy recovers. 
I look forward to updating you in due course. 
Geoff Henderson 
Netalogue Technologies plc 
Netaloguetm Ecommerce - B2B for ERP 
Consolidated profit and loss account 
for the period ended 30 September 2013 
                                                       Six months    Six months 
                                                    ended 30 Sept ended 30 Sept 
                                                             2013          2012 
                                                             GBP000          GBP000 
Turnover                                                      511           348 
Cost of sales                                                (37)          (44) 
Gross profit                                                  474           304 
Net operating expenses                                      (496)         (380) 
Operating loss before depreciation and amortisation           (6)          (60) 
Depreciation                                                  (7)           (8) 
Amortisation of intangible assets                             (9)           (8) 
Operating loss on ordinary activities before                 (22)          (76) 
Tax on loss on ordinary activities                              4            15 
Loss for the period                                          (18)          (61) 
Consolidated balance sheet 
at 30 September 2013 
                                                          30 Sept      31 March 
                                                             2013          2013 
                                                             GBP000          GBP000 
Fixed assets 
Intangible                                                    135           144 
Tangible                                                       47            51 
                                                              182           195 
Current assets 
Debtors                                                       373           323 
Cash at bank and in hand                                      201           304 
                                                              574           627 
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year              (173)         (218) 
Net current assets                                            401           409 
Total assets less current liabilities                         583           604 
Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one              -           (3) 
Provision for liabilities and charges                         (5)           (5) 
Net assets                                                    578           596 
Capital and reserves 
Share capital                                                 487           487 
Share premium account                                         210           210 
Profit and loss account                                     (119)         (101) 
Equity shareholders' funds                                    578           596 
The profit and loss account and balance sheet above have been prepared in 
accordance with the accounting policies, as stated in the Group's Annual Report 
and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013. 

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

December 11, 2013 02:00 ET (07:00 GMT)