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DJ Lombard Capital PLC Strategy Update

                         ("Lombard" or the "Company") 
                                STRATEGY UPDATE 
Over the last few months your Board has undertaken a comprehensive review of 
Lombard's business. As a result of that review, the Directors have decided that 
the Company should in future focus on the provision of short term lending 
facilities. The short term loan facilities that the Company has been providing 
recently have produced excellent returns during 2012/2013, generating income 
for the Company with no loss of capital. The Directors believe that demand for 
debt in the quoted company sector will remain strong and that committing to 
this sector will provide a more robust platform for the Company going forward. 
The Company may still take equity interests in companies alongside its lending 
activities, but the majority of the Company's historic investment portfolio has 
been liquidated and the Company's exposure to equity investments is now 
minimal. As a result, the Company will no longer make market announcements of 
its net asset value per share. The Directors expect that the Company's future 
performance will, instead, be measured against its achievements as a provider 
of short term finance. 
So far in 2013, Lombard has completed loans of fifty thousand pounds each to 
companies on AIM or the ISDX Growth Market. All of the loans offered by Lombard 
have been, and will be, backed by directors' personal guarantees and secured 
against assets of the borrower via fixed and floating charges or debentures 
Lombard will provide companies with funds for bridge finance, asset backed 
finance, trade finance, certain cash flow funding, emergency funding and 
turnaround/restructuring capital. Lombard will not, seek to provide funds for 
general working capital. 
As an extension of its existing lending programme, Lombard may consider lending 
to larger private companies. Although there is more risk lending to that 
sector, the Company will seek security over specific personal assets, which can 
be more liquid than other forms of security. 
Lombard has spent the last year developing the systems and process required to 
manage its due diligence, its loan portfolio and the collection of money due 
and we are confident that we will be able to scale up our lending business 
prudently from its current base. 
The principal risks of the Company's short term lending strategy relate to the 
interest rates it charges, the quantity and quality of its deal flow and the 
amount of money it has available for loans. To address these issues, we are in 
discussions with several third parties to work with us on a match funding 
basis, to enable the Company to scale up its lending activities; we will market 
Lombard and its services more widely to generate deal flow once additional 
funds are in place. 
The Company's goals for 2014 are to continue to build a robust marketing system 
to provide a consistent flow of debt opportunities, to work with a select 
number of third party debt providers and to ultimately generate an acceptable 
return for shareholders. The Directors believe that obtaining a business loan 
from the traditional high street banks remains difficult and will continue to 
be so for 2014. 
The Board is aware of increasing competition in the lending sphere from 
different sources of finance (including crowd funding and other on-line retail 
debt providers), but is confident that it can differentiate its offering 
sufficiently to prosper. 
The Company would like to thank its partners and suppliers for their support 
and effort this year and look forward to their continuing support in 2014. 
The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement. 
Grahame Rose 
+44 777 0644 408 
Heena Karani 
+44 20 7469 0933 

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November 13, 2013 10:02 ET (15:02 GMT)