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DJ Lombard Capital PLC Company and NAV Update

07 June 2013 
                              Lombard Capital Plc 
                         ("Lombard" or "the Company") 
                            Company and NAV Update 
The Board of Lombard is pleased to announce that the Company's unaudited Net 
Asset Value ("NAV") as at 31st May 2013 was 0.199p per share. 
The Company's investments and assets as at the close of business on 31st May 
2013 were split as follows: 
UK Investments                                      GBP278,104 
Cash                                                GBP128,881 
Total Portfolio Value                               GBP406,985 
Lombard's NAV as at 31 May 2013 is  lower than the NAV per share reported as at 
31 January 2013  (0.267p  per  share), as  the  last  six  months  have  proved 
considerably testing. During  the  period  reported,  companies  and  investors 
awaited the new ISDX Rules  for Issuers and additionally, the small  cap market 
continued to be challenging, which  in turn  had an effect  on the liquidity of 
Lombard's investments. 
Your company anticipated  this and last October the Board took the decision  to 
diversify into providing short  term debt to companies and thereby increase its 
cash holdings. 
We are pleased to announce that we  have successfully  piloted  projects  where 
your company provided a debt facility for  three months at interest  of 5%  per 
month or higher (depending upon the risk profile) on a fully secured basis with 
an equity kicker. By providing a debt facility, Lombard's funds are secured but 
the strategy enables the Company to also have a long  term  investment  in  any 
debtor company. 
We now have a growing pipeline of opportunities for up to GBP100,000 with  quoted 
and private companies offering equally high returns on  a  secured  basis  with 
equity participation as part of a leveraged offering. 
The Board is confident that this is a profitable and  scalable  business  model 
with lower risk and higher, more predictable returns. There is a growing number 
of opportunities in in the small cap arena where there  is  expected  to  be  a 
credit squeeze and debt shortage for the foreseeable future. 
The directors of  the  issuer  accept  responsibility  for  this  announcement. 
Grahame Rose 
+44 777 0644 408 
Heena Karani 
+44 20 7469 0933 

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June 07, 2013 06:57 ET (10:57 GMT)