Associate Director

Jill Kwan

Jill Kwan is involved in a broad range of regulatory matters including assessing applications of companies which wish to have their securities quoted or listed on NEX Exchange's primary markets.  Prior to joining NEX Exchange in 2015, she worked at the Financial Conduct Authority and its predecessor, the Financial Services Authority and before that the London Stock Exchange.

Regulatory Officer

Vivienne Cassley

Vivienne Cassley has recently joined the Regulation team at NEX Exchange, where her responsibilities include the review of applications from companies seeking admission to NEX Exchange’s primary markets and ongoing monitoring and supervision of issuers and Corporate Advisers. She has over 20 years’ experience in building growth company markets, including NEX Exchange, AIM and Nasdaq, and in providing consultancy to overseas exchanges and their members. As a Director of advisory firms Equity Culture and Corporate Partners she spent 10 years helping public companies to achieve best practice in corporate governance.


Vivienne Cassley Regulatory Officer